The 5 S’s:  What NOT To Do In Your Jewelry

The 5 S’s:  What NOT To Do In Your Jewelry

Hello Fashionistas!  Today’s post is going to be tips on what NOT to do in your jewelry!  I call these rules the 5 S’s: What NOT To Do In Your Jewelry!

Triple Medallion Necklace with earrings

Even though fashion jewelry, (costume jewelry, as some like to call it), isn’t as expensive as fine jewelry, you still want to take care of it.  

If you are anything like me, and have an ever-growing jewelry wardrobe, and know it can be an expensive investment that you want to make last for seasons to come.  Here are 5 things NOT to do in your fashion jewelry:


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filigree gold earring

  1. Sleep –  Sleeping in your fashion jewelry us a no-no, because it can easily get twisted, snagged or broken.  So, make sure all jewelry is off before you hit the hay at night.
  2. Shower – Although your fashion jewelry may contain, or be plated with sterling  silver, real gold, or other precious metals and stones, it is mixed with other alloys.  You don’t necessarily want to immerse them in water.  Your jewelry can rust, turn colors or fade, due to the chemicals in the water reacting with the alloys in the metal of your jewelry.
  3. Spray – Make sure your fashion jewelry is the last thing you put on before leaving the house.  You don’t want to have your statement necklace or earrings on when you’re spraying perfume or hairspray.  Again, the chemicals in your perfume and hairspray, can react with the he alloys or stones in the jewelry, causing them to turn colors that you don’t want them to turn.  Avoid spraying your jewelry with anything
  4. Swim – I see it all of the time on TV or in magazines; women lying poolside in their bathing suits, stilettos and jewelry, looking all fabulous!  But in reality, it’s not a good idea to actually wear your fashion jewelry when you’re IN the swimming pool.  It’s all good if you love to look and feel glamorous while at the pool or beach this summer, but just remember to remove your jewelry before you take a dip, if you want your jewelry to continue looking glamorous.
  5. Sweat – Sweating in your fashion jewelry is the best way to discolor, and ruin, your fave necklace and bracelet set!  Again, the chemical reaction between your “glistening” and your jewelry, causes the metals and stones to discolor.  I know it’s difficult not to sweat in your jewelry if you live in hot climates like I do, but definitely avoid wearing your jewelry to the gym or to any type of work-out session.  


gold tassle necklace

floral statement necklace

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There you have it, the 5 S’s of what NOT to do in your jewelry.

m.y. boutique

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