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Welcome to m.y. boutique blog!

About me:20170930_131544

So, what can I tell you about myself?  I am 40-something and have been married for going on 20 yrs now!  I have been a SAHM to 3 beautiful children for those 20 years!  I’ve been an Avon Representative for 16 years and I love it, as it allows me to work with my passion for beauty and  fashion and allows me to develop my leadership skills!  I have also fallen in love with my new fashion business, as a Style Advisor with abby+anna’s boutique!  This is pretty much my life!  Being a wife, running a household, raising my children, and working and blogging about my businesses!

About my blog:

I began my beauty n bling blog about 5 years ago as a way to promote my Avon business and my, at the time, jewelry business.  After I let go of my other jewelry business, my blog was focused on all things Avon, which included beauty, fashion, skincare, bath and body, fashion, accessories, etc.   I found that I really loved the writing aspect of blogging and eventually ventured into blogging about products outside of my Avon business.  Recently, I added Style Advisor with abby+anna’s boutique to my resume, and really felt led to focus my blogging on fashion, since that is where my true passion lies.  I felt that my beauty n bling blog no longer reflected that aspect of my business, therefore I am in the middle of re-branding my blog.

I just recently found out that I had to separate my two businesses between two different blogs, so I am working on creating a blog EXCLUSIVELY for my Avon business.  My blog is now m.y. boutique blog and is a fashion and style blog, featuring abby+anna’s boutique clothing.

My Mission Statement:

I truly desire to use my blog to empower women through use of clothing and style.  I love helping women find their personal style so that they can feel comfortable in their own skin!  I want to inspire women to express themselves through stylish, yet comfortable clothing.  And I want to help women feel inspired whether they spend their days working outside of the home, working from home, or if they stay at home with their children, run a household and run errands all day!  I think we all deserve to feel beautiful and pampered!

Monetization and Disclosure:

Since I am an independent Style Advisor for abby+anna’s boutique, my posts will focus on fashion items from my independent business.  I don’t necessarily use this blog in order to make sales, but I will redirect my readers to my website via product links, in the event that you see something you like.  I do make a commission off of the items that I sell from my website, but my blog is used only for promoting and bringing awareness to my abby + anna business.  Trust me, I would not promote or endorse anything that I don’t believe in, or that I don’t find value in!  The fashion items that I do feature on my blog are all items I purchase myself.





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