May Roundup

May Roundup

Hello fashion mavens, so today I wanted to try something new, different, and fun so I decided to do a May Roundup post!

I wanted to share some of my favorite pics that I posted in the month of May!

These are pics that I had posted on Instagram and/or Facebook, and even some that didn’t make it onto my social media!

May was a very busy month in the m.y. boutique household!

We had Mother’s Day, my son’s 13th birthday, and my 20th wedding anniversary!  I also celebrated making President’s Club with my Avon business!  Not to mention getting through the last few weeks of school with my kids!!  It’s any wonder why the month of May just flew by!

At any rate, here is my May Roundup in pictures. 

My son’s birthday/Mother’s Day:


For my son’s birthday, we had a party for him with his friends at an indoor jumping facility, then we had pizza at Costco and back to our house for a sleepover!  I didn’t take many pictures of his party because I was trying to be “in the moment”.

Because my son’s birthday is so close to Mother’s Day, we often combine the celebrations, that way he can celebrate with family too!  It was very, very warm that day and I was outside most of the day so please excuse my greasy picture!!!  Also, I never took an outfit selfie of my Mother’s Day dress so I recreated my look a few days later just for selfie purposes!

Our 20th Wedding Anniversary:

I absolutely can not believe the hubs and I have been together for 20 years!!!  Trust me, I HAVE NOT made it easy on him!  Since the actual date fell on a weekday, we went out to lunch at a Mexican seafood place so, of course, I took a picture of my plate!  Then over the weekend, we had a little staycation!  We did a champagne brunch, then dinner later on, then kicked back and relaxed at the hotel!  My husband hates pictures, so sadly, I didn’t get one of us together that night.  But he did take an outfit selfie of me…now that’s true love!

My Avon President’s Club Luncheon:

Funnily enough, the only pic I took of the actual event was of my dessert!  You can see what is important to me: #foodie!  It was a really nice time though.  It’s always great to celebrate all of my accomplishments with my Avon tribe.  We always get spoiled too!  The pic above is all of the free items that we received.  Not too shabby!

That was the month of May for me, summed up in a May roundup!

m.y. boutique

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