8 Benefits of Bamboo Clothing

8 Benefits of Bamboo Clothing Welcome back fellow fashionistas!  Today's Fashion Friday post is all about the benefits of bamboo clothing!           Up until I became a Style Advisor with abby + anna's boutique, I had never even heard of bamboo clothing! I decided to order an abby + anna Bamboo … Continue reading 8 Benefits of Bamboo Clothing

6 Ways To Wear A Sleeveless Cardi For Summer

6 Ways To Wear A Sleeveless Cardi For Summer 

6 Ways To Wear A Sleeveless Cardi For Summer  Hello fellow fashion mavens!  For today's Fashion Friday post, I have put together 6 ways to wear a sleeveless cardi for summer!                           A sleeveless cardi is a summer wardrobe staple!  For some reason, … Continue reading 6 Ways To Wear A Sleeveless Cardi For Summer 

What I Got For Mother’s Day

What I Got For Mother's Day Hello fashion mavens and welcome to another edition of Fashion Friday!  Today I will be sharing with you what I got for Mother's Day! I very rarely ask for material things for Mother's Day. I usually ask for a clean house or spending time with my kids.  But this … Continue reading What I Got For Mother’s Day

May Roundup

May Roundup Hello fashion mavens, so today I wanted to try something new, different, and fun so I decided to do a May Roundup post! I wanted to share some of my favorite pics that I posted in the month of May! These are pics that I had posted on Instagram and/or Facebook, and even … Continue reading May Roundup

More Than Just Cute, Soft Leggings!

More Than Just Cute, Soft Leggings! Happy Fashion Friday!  Did you know that abby + anna's boutique is more than just cute, soft leggings? I often share with you things like: how to wear leggings, one pair of leggings different ways, leggings outfit ideas...well you get the point. But honestly, abby + anna's boutique has more … Continue reading More Than Just Cute, Soft Leggings!

Avon Shoe Mini Haul

Avon Shoe Mini Haul Hello fashion mavens!  Today I wanted to share with you my Avon shoe mini haul. The reason I'm calling it a mini haul, is because I didn't purchase that many pairs of shoes to include in my haul, but I still wanted to share them with you! There are many of … Continue reading Avon Shoe Mini Haul