What’s The Deal With Facebook Parties?

What’s The Deal With Facebook Parties?

Today’s edition of Fashion Friday isn’t really about fashion, per se, but I wanted to ask a question, since it does pertain to m.y.boutique: What’s the deal with Facebook Parties?

I’m not sure if you’re on Facebook or not, but if you are, I’m sure you’ve seen or heard about the Facebook Party.

Maybe you’ve even been invited to one or have participated in one.  Maybe you’ve found yourself wondering, what is the deal with having a party on Facebook and why on earth would I want to do that??

What's The Deal With Facebook Parties?

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I decided to dedicate a whole post about this very thing, in hopes of answering any questions you may have!

First of all, what is the deal with Facebook parties?  Well, as you probably know, parties are a big deal in the arena of direct sales!  I’m sure you’ve been invited to a Tupperware party, a Mary Kay party, a Pampered Chef party, or a jewelry party in someone’s home, at some point in your life.  This is a huge way that direct sellers make sales and grow their businesses!  I used to do at-home parties all of the time when I had my jewelry business, it was pretty much my bread and butter.  But I noticed during my last year or so with that company, that people were becoming busier and busier and didn’t have the time to be hosting jewelry parties, it seemed.  Well, with the surge in technology and social media, there was a shift in how direct sellers could grow their businesses.  And the online party was born!  Facebook has played a HUGE role in this!  Facebook is a place where direct sellers can have business pages or fan pages, to promote their business.  They can have “live” events on said pages, and they can host online parties!

But why on earth would you want to host a Facebook party?

What's The Deal With Facebook Parties?

Of course the #1 reason someone would want to host an in-home party or a party on Facebook, is for the free stuff!  Many direct sellers have special hostess gifts, discounts and free products when someone hosts a party for them, and depending on the sales of the party, the hostess receives more gifts, discounts and free products!  So, say you absolutely love a brand of makeup and want to get stuff for free and get discounts on your products, then you would want to host a party and invite all of your friends and family.  It’s a fun way to get your friends and family together and shop at home, while earning your rewards!  The in-home parties I did with my jewelry business were always a blast!  I met so many amazing women that I am still friends with to this day!  But, it was a lot of work for the hostess to host these in-home parties.

This leads to reason #2.  When you host a Facebook party, you don’t have to clean your house, cook or provide snacks and such to your guests.  And no clean up afterwards! Online parties can actually save you time and money!  

The #3 reason goes along with reason #2, all of the work is done for you!  You agree to host the party, invite friends and family and encourage them to attend and get them hyped up for your event.  That’s it, the rest is done for you!  Your direct seller takes it from there.  They are the ones that do the work posting images, graphics, games, etc, inside the event.  Your direct seller will keep track of orders made during your online party and the product will be delivered straight to your party attendees. Tip: parties are usually more successful when the hostess interacts with the posts included in the party! 

Reason #4 is that, since it’s all done online, people from all over can attend!  They don’t need to live close to you.  And if they are on Facebook already, it’s pretty much effortless for them to attend.  They get to sit back and enjoy the games and they get to do some shopping from the comfort of their own couch!  And you can use the party as an opportunity to catch up and “hang out” with old friends.

And reason #5 goes along with #4!  Because the party is online, the hostess can attend from wherever she is.  She doesn’t even need to shower, do your makeup or hair if you’re at home, and you don’t need to worry about what you’re going to do with your kids!  You can relax at home, in your p.j.s, grab your favorite beverage and do some shopping!  Who wouldn’t love to do that??

Lastly, the final reason to host a Facebook party would be to support your direct seller’s business!  Again, this is how your direct seller makes sales and grows their businesses, and if that direct seller is a friend of yours or a family member, why wouldn’t you want to help them in their business endeavors?  You can help them with sales, you can help them build their customer base by introducing them to your guests, and it gets their name and product name out there.  

As you all know, I am a direct seller, or Style Advisor as I like to call myself, for abby + anna’s boutique.

But beyond that, I just genuinely wanted to share this info with you all, because I know many people don’t understand what the big deal is with Facebook parties!  I hope this post enlightened you in some way!  And if you just so happen to be interested in my online clothing business, and would like to earn free leggings and free shop credit on other items from my site, don’t hesitate to ask me about having your own party on Facebook!

If that is the case, here are the hostess rewards you would receive:

What's The Deal With Facebook Parties?

And if you would like to join my Facebook business page you can like my page by clicking on this link: https://www.facebook.com/mycomfychicboutique/

Or you can join my VIP Group, where I post exclusive content such as style tips, giveaways and more: https://www.facebook.com/groups/MYChicBoutiqueVIP/


I hope I was able to clear up any questions on Facebook parties!

m.y. boutique

Have you ever hosted a Facebook party? If so, what was your experience?  Share in the comments!  And if you found this post helpful, please like and share!

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