7 Ways To Style A Tunic Top

7 Ways To Style A Tunic Top

Happy Fashion Friday! Today’s Fashion Friday post is about 7 Ways To Style A Tunic Top!

9 Wear To Style A Tunic Top

  1. Use a thin belt, and gather and pull extra material in the back.  This flattens the front of the top and gives more shape in the back.  It can also change the hemline of the tunic, making it longer in the back and shorter in the front.

9 Wear To Style A Tunic Top

2. Use a small hair elastic.  From the inside of the tunic top, use a small hair elastic to gather and hold the extra material.  This trick gives your shirt a knotted effect.  In this case the extra fabric is in the front, but it can be placed anywhere on the shirt that you want it. The next pic has the hair elastic off to the side.



7 Wear To Style A Tunic Top

3. Use big safety pins to pin up the sides of the tunic top.  Take the safety pin and weave the material through, along the hemline on both sides of your tunic top for a ruching effect.


4. Knots.  Knots are a quick and easy way to style any longer top, tunic or dress!  You can mix up the knots too; knotting in the front, knot on one side, or knot on both sides.  Try it out and see how you like it!


5. Make your top blousy, using a thin belt.  Just like the first look, take a thin belt, but instead of gathering the extra material in the back, pull the material up and over the belt, creating a blousy effect.


6. Use a quarter!  Use a quarter and take it from the inside of the top.  Place it somewhere in the upper waist area and secure it with a small hair elastic.  It will look like a button!


7. Big Belt.  Use a big belt to define your waist and give you more of an hourglass shape.

Tunic tops are great for wearing with leggings, jeggings, slim pants and even pencil skirts, because they are long enough to cover any part of the body that you may not want to show.  Tunics can also be extremely versatile; depending on how you style a tunic, it can give your outfit a completely different look and make it look like you have more clothes in your closet!  This is why I wanted to share a post featuring many ways that you can style and wear a tunic top.  Sometimes tunics can feel a little frumpy, but again, knowing how to style it can make all the difference!

I love clothing with versatility!

Tunic tops are definitely a versatile article of clothing, which makes them a must-have item in your wardrobe!  I like when I can wear one piece of clothing in multiple ways, so that I can mix up my outfits.  I like to be able to wear the same tunic top with different sets of leggings to switch up my look, that way it doesn’t look like I’m wearing the same outfit over and over again!  I also like to be able to wear my tunic tops with items other than leggings.  In the warmer months, I like that I can style them with skirts and even wear them as a dress, with a few tweaks!

Here are a list of the tunic tops pictured above:

Those are the 7 different ways to style a tunic top!

m.y. boutique


What did you think of the 7 ways to style a tunic top?  Can you think of any more ways?  Share in the comments!  If you found this post helpful, please like and share!

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