Mani-Monday: Teal Dotticure

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Mani-Monday: Teal Dotticure

Happy Mani-Monday!  Today’s Mani-Monday look, I like to call the Teal Dotticure!

Are you familiar with the “dotticure” mani?

I guess it’s a type of nailart that uses dots to create elaborate designs on your nails.  I have seen many of these nailart looks around on social media, I have even attempted another mani look at one point.  I like them because they are super simple to recreate, the only skill you need to have is the use of a dotting tool, but the outcome is beautiful!  You can make them as simple or as elaborate as you want, just by using multiple nail polish colors or adding nail gems, etc.  This is one of the reasons I love the dotticure so much!

Here are some dotticures that inspired me:

This mani that I created was inspired by the many designs I’ve seen around on social media, but I created my own design.

My Design:


Materials I Used:

I just love dotticure nailart!

They are so much fun to create and I love the way they look!

I hope you enjoyed my Teal Dotticure  Mani!


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