Product Review: VS Ultimate Moisture To Go Shea

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Product Review: VS Ultimate Moisture To Go Shea

Today I’m doing a product review on Victoria’s Secret Ultimate Moisture To Go Shea.

I know I normally do an Avon related post on Tuesdays, but I’ve been really wanting to write a review on this product since I first tried it!

I figured, since my time to blog is very limited, that I’d take a break from my Tuesday Avon post and do a review on this product instead!  Besides, it has been awhile since my last official product review post.

The product/s I am reviewing today, are from Victoria’s Secret.

Product Review: VS Ultimate Moisture To Go

This is a gift set that I received for Christmas from my very dear friend!  It is a 4-piece gift set, that came in a cute little clear clutch-like bag.  It’s contents were:

  1. Smoothing Scrub Wash with Cotton Moisture Complex  3.4 fl. oz.
  2. Ultra Rich Cream Wash with Cotton Moisture Complex  3.4 fl. oz
  3. Hydrating Body Lotion with Cotton Moisture Complex  3.4 fl. oz
  4. Weightless Body Oil with Cotton Moisture Complex  3.4 fl. oz

The packaging was very simple, yet very pretty.

As you can see the labeling is all in black & white and each container has a little black bow attached to it, which is a very nice touch, it made it more feminine.  I like the fact that I can reuse the bag that it came in!  The amount of product in each container was also a really decent amount for a gift set!

The fragrance of these products was extremely pleasant!

If cotton had a fragrance, (which I’m not positive that it doesn’t), but if it did, it would smell like this!  It’s a bit sweet, but not overpowering.  It’s a bit of a luxurious fragrance!  It was both a comforting and relaxing scent.

I like that it came with both a cream body wash as well as a scrub.

I love exfoliating body scrubs so I can wash off all of those dead skin cells (yuck) and then my skin feels super soft afterwards!  The fact that this scrub is made with Shea and it contains that Cotton Moisture Complex, made my skin even more soft than when I’ve used other scrubs!  And then washing daily with the Ultra Creamy Wash, my skin was extra moisturized!  It was nice to take turns with these 2 products throughout the week.

I absolutely swear by body oils!

Product Review: VS Ultimate Moisture To Go

I use them every day.  My brand of choice has always been Avon Skin So Soft, so it was nice to try something new.  The VS Weightless Body Oil did not disappoint!  I’ve loved using it!!!  It’s so emollient and almost buttery, but not at all greasy or heavy.  It really does live up to it’s name.  And then again, the fragrance of this product,  really is nice!

Having used all of these products since January, I have fallen in love!

Product Review: VS Ultimate Moisture To Go

These bath & body products are heavenly!  My skin has felt so divine, I literally feel like I’m wrapped up in a soft cloud of cotton all day long!  And AGAIN, the fragrance!  I love smelling like this!  My skin has been so soft and moisturized, which has been a far cry from my usual dry and sometimes ashy self!

All-In-All I would have to rate these products 5 out of 5 stars!

I would highly recommend them!  This set was really great to have, but I’m pretty sure it is a seasonal item.  The full size products are available at any Victoria’s Secret store and cost $18 a piece for 12 fl. oz.  This is a bit out of my price range for bath & body products, but I would definitely buy and use for a special occasion.  Or I would definitely splurge on the gift set when they have it in season again!  The gift set sizes lasted me about a month or so, which was pretty good.

Hope you enjoyed my product review!



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