Tutorial Tuesday: Brows & Lashes

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Tutorial Tuesday: Brows & Lashes

Welcome to Tutorial Tuesday: Brows & Lashes!

Tutorial Tuesday: Brows & Lashes

For this week’s tutorial, I wanted to show all of my Avon customers how I do my brows and lashes.

I know there are many different techniques out there, and there is no right or wrong way to do brows and lashes, but I wanted to show what works for me and how I achieve my desired look!  My hope is always to educate and inspire!  I know that not every woman is comfortable doing her own makeup and not every woman knows all of the tricks of the trade, so I like to be a source of education for my ladies!  I also like to inspire women, as well as to empower them, to learn something new and to try something new!  It brings me joy when my followers come back and tell me how much my little videos have helped them or that they learned something new!

I do my tutorials first, inside my VIP Facebook group, via Facebook Live, and then I share them here on my blog and on YouTube.

I just wanted to let you all know that, in case you were wondering!  Here is the last Tutorial Tuesday post in case you missed it: Tutorial Tuesday: Highlight & Contour

Here is today’s tutorial:

Products I used:


{you can find these products and many more on my e-boutique mistiemasters.avonrepresentative.com}

I hope you enjoyed watching this video and that you will stay tuned for more!!!


Please let me know if my Tutorial Tuesday: Brows & Lashes, was helpful or if you saw any value in it!  If so, please comment, like and share!

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