Avon Haul Brochure 3

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Avon Haul Brochure 3

Avon Haul Brochure 3

Today I have an Avon Haul from Brochure 3 for you!

It’s been awhile since my last Avon Haul!  I hadn’t really ordered anything for myself that was all that exciting, so I didn’t feel the need to do a haul.  But I picked up a couple of fun things in brochure 3 and I thought I’d share them with you all!

Here is my Facebook Live haul video:

Products featured in my haul:

  • Nutura Effects Ageless 105-254 $14.99 in brochure 4
  • Nutura Effects Radiance 104-937 $14.99 in brochure 4
  • Nailwear Pro+ Lucky Penny 436-132
  • Dazzlers Glitzy Gold 579-909
  • mark. Lipclick Hot & Spicy
  • Western Stars Collection Metal Links Necklace gold tone 682-804
  • Western Star Collection Metal Links Earrings silver tone 682-880
  • Western Star Collection Bracelet silver tone 682-900
  • Dipped in Pink Necklace 136-200
  • CZ Stud Earrings rose/gold tone lavender 136-377
  • Casual Crossover Top available in all sizes in brochure 3 for $14.99
  • Asymmetric Colorblock available in S-XL in brochure 4 for $19.99: $24.99 for 1X-3X

If you see something you like, don’t worry!

The cool thing about ordering Avon, is that you can order from 2 brochures back. For example, even though we are currently selling in brochure 5, you can still order some of the items you see here, at the prices you see, as long as you have the item number!  You can log onto mistiemasters.avonrepresentative.com and use the campaign number, along with the product number, to order!

You can find these items, and many others, on my e-boutique: https://mistiemasters.avonrepresentative.com/

What were your favorite items that I purchased?

Be sure to visit my e-Boutique page for discount codes, and join my Facebook Group for exclusive offers and giveaways!


I hope you enjoyed my Avon Haul Brochure 3 video!  If you did, and you want to see more, be sure to comment, like and share!

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