1 Pair of Leggings, 3 Outfits

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1 Pair of Leggings, 3 Outfits

1 Pair of Leggings, 3 Outifts


Welcome back to another episode of Fashion Friday: 1 Pair of Leggings, 3 Outfits!

I am all about making the most out of the items in my wardrobe!

If you don’t already know, I LOVE my abby + anna leggings!  They are so soft, so comfortable, and so versatile!  I can literally wear a pair of these leggings every single day!  Now, I know it’s not  feasible for me to have a different pair of leggings for every day of the week, week in and week out, as much as I’d love to be able to!

Therefore, I like to get as much use out of the leggings I have in my wardrobe, as I can.

To do this, I’ve had to get creative with what I can pair them with, using items I already own!  I also wanted to use this post to show how 1 pair of leggings can be worn in many different ways, for different occasions!

Each outfit is paired with The Gem leggings!


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Outfit #1 – 

1 Pair of Leggings, 3 Outfits1 Pair of Leggings, 3 Outfits



This outfit is super casual! I wore The Gem leggings with the V-Neck Hoodie (no longer available), and a pair of sneakers. I would wear this outfit to run errands in, or to hang out over a casual weekend.

Outfit #2 – 

wp-image-561012593jpg.jpg1 Pair of Leggings, 3 Outfits



This outfit is a little dressier, but I still consider it casual. This outfit consists of The Gem leggings, the Bamboo Tunic (which is also very comfortable!), a blazer I got from H&M, and my favorite strappy ballet flats, along with a long necklace and some oval hoop earrings (Avon jewelry).  I would totally wear this for a lunch date or meeting up with the girls for coffee!  I would also wear this if I was going to a daytime event or meeting up with a potential client.

Outfit #3 –

wp-image-574767771jpg.jpg1 Pair of Leggings, 3 Outfits



This outfit I would consider dressy. Here, I paired The Gem leggings with a Michael Kors dress and some black wedged pumps. I also added some statement jewelry from mark. (which I sell).  I would wear this on a date night with the hubs, or a night out on the town with the girls.  Maybe even to a winter wedding!  I could also throw on a blazer, and it would even be office appropriate, if I worked at an office!

Those are the 3 outfits that I can make with 1 pair of leggings!  What do you think?

I hope my ideas will help to give you ideas on outfits you can make with your abby + anna leggings!

You can find these leggings, or many other prints, by visiting my website mycomfychicboutique.com!

m.y. boutique


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