Fashion Friday: Date Night Outfit

Fashion Friday: Date Night Outfit

Welcome back to another episode of Fashion Friday: Date Night Outfit edition!

I mentioned in my Makeup Monday post, Makeup Monday: 1 Palette, 2 Looks that this passed weekend was my hubby’s b-day celebration!

Well, I also wanted to share what my #OOTD was for that date. Our traditions for each of our birthdays, is to go out to dinner with a few close friends/family members, so that is what we did to celebrate my hubby’s bday.  I didn’t want to dress too casual, since it was a date night, but I didn’t want to get too fancy either. Plus, it has been a bit chilly here, where I live, so I knew that I wanted to dress warm but I still wanted to look stylish.

Of course, I turned to Pinterest for inspiration, or should I say for “Pinsperation”!

I opted for my amazing Eva Longoria jeggings from The Limited, a Hollister chambray shirt underneath a cable-knit sweater that I bought at JC Penneys.  I paired it with my brown Avon booties and topped it off with an Avon statement necklace.

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I originally was undecided on my shoes.

I posted a this or that post on my FB and IG to see if my style mavens could give me some advice, booties or heels?

Everyone picked the heels!  However, as I stated before, it was chilly that night, so I actually opted for the booties and I’m so glad that I did!!!  We ended up hitting the dance floor and I danced all night, those heels would’ve killed my feet!

We had a really fun night out!

The company was great and the food was delicious!  In fact, here are pictures of my plate and of the little cake that they surprised my hubby with!


m.y. boutique

Hope you enjoyed my Fashion Friday date night outfit! 

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