Makeup Monday: 1 Palette, 2 Looks

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Makeup Monday: 1 Palette, 2 Looks

Hello, and welcome to my Makeup Monday: 1 Palette, 2 Looks post!

I recently wrote a post called 1 Makeup Palette, Multiple Looks.

In that post, I tried multiple makeup looks using only 1 makeup palette.  I received a couple of comments on that post, that suggested I try darker colors and maybe even a look with blue shadow.  I really wanted to take these suggestions to heart, and decided to branch out from my normal looks and take on the challenge to try these 2 different looks. This really has pushed me outside of my comfort zone and it kind of forced me to further my makeup application abilities, as working with darker colors requires some skill!  I’ve been really trying to push myself to do new and different things, after all, this is how we grow as people, right!

I looked up different YouTube tutorials to get started.

I am pretty much a newbie to the makeup game.  I’ve done basic blush, mascara and lipstick for most of my life, but I’m no makeup artist by any means!  I’ve only recently begun watching makeup tutorials for ideas, and for learning different makeup techniques.

My first look was for Christmas.

I went with a very dark and smoky eye.  Unfortunately the picture doesn’t really do it justice.  It was really smoky!!!  It was almost to the point that I almost took it all off and went with my neutrals instead!  But, I resisted the urge and actually went out of the house with this “dramatic” look!



I used the Avon True Color For The Love Of Makeup Artist Palette to achieve look #1.

The colors I used from this palette were:


  • Sequin on my lid
  • Gunmetal on crease
  • Coal on outer corner
  • Frost for eyebrow highlight

Cheeks, highlight and contour-

  • Bronze Highlight for contour
  • Pearl Highlight for highlight
  • Plum Radiance for blush

My second look was for date night over this past weekend.

We celebrated my hubby’s birthday and I wanted to do something bold and different!  I decided to go with the blue eye-shadow for this outing!

Makeup Monday: 1 Palette, 2 Looks20170121_165703.jpgMakeup Monday: 1 Palette, 2 Looks

The colors I used from the same palette above, were:


  • Royal for crease
  • Midnight for outer corner
  • Frost for lid

For my highlight and contour-

  • Fawn Contour
  • Pearl Highlight

*My blush was from mark. Touch & Glow Cream Bars

I have to admit, I am still learning to blend!  Every time I try to blend, I always end up just muddling all of the colors on my lid together and ruining the look!  Do any of you have this issue?  Advice?

There you have it, my 2 new looks that I created with 1 palette!  What do you think?


Which look did you like from this Makeup Monday: 1 Palette, 2 Looks post? If you enjoyed this post or found it helpful please comment, like and share!

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