What’s Hot in Avon Brochure 4 + Some Exciting News!

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What’s Hot in Avon Brochure 4 + Some Exciting News!

Welcome back to another post of What’s Hot in Avon Brochure 4!

As of today, brochure 4 is up on my website and good to go!

I am trying to get things back on track with my blog posts here on my blog! My last week’s What’s Hot post was a done a little late, but after today, we will be back on track! My Avon brochure selling cycles are every 2 weeks. Brochure 3 just wrapped up today and now brochure 4 is in full effect. My orders for brochure 4 will go in for my local customers on January 29th but is still good online until January 31st!

Here is what you can expect in Avon brochure 4:

Check out the online brochure:


Before I wrap up this blog post, I wanted to share some exciting Avon news!

Avon has been in business for over 130 years and has grown to incorporate representatives from all over the world! In 2016, Avon went through a major shift, as Avon US branched off on their own. Since this split, Avon US has been working very hard to create the “New Avon”.

Avon is one of the oldest direct sales companies in the and many other companies, since it’s creation, have copied it’s direct sales model. Avon also has some very iconic brands, such as Skin So Soft, Anew, and Moisture Therapy. Avon US’s main goal at this point in time is to make itself the #1 direct selling company that it once was, and also to give it’s quality products the respect on their name, that it deserves. Avon US will establish itself, going forward, as the BEST social selling beauty company in the game! And best of all, Avon will put it’s representatives first! They see that in order for them to make “New Avon” everything they envision it being, all of it’s independent representatives must be onboard! So there will be a shift of focus of the Avon business model onto the representatives; meaning more training, more incentives, more acknowledgement, rewards, etc.

This is a great time to become an Avon Representative! If you are into makeup, fashion, skincare, home-goods, and wellness, this is the time to start your own business with Avon! When was the last time your makeup company gave you a paycheck? Avon’s makeup comes with a paycheck!!!

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I hope you enjoyed my What’s Hot in Avon Brochure 4 video! If you did, be sure to comment, like and share!

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