6 Tips If You Are New To Leggings

6 Tips If You Are New To Leggings For today's installment of Fashion Friday, I am asking the question Are You New to Leggings?  If so, here are 6 tips to try! I know that leggings are not a new trend, not by a long shot! In fact, leggings have been around for a really long time! … Continue reading 6 Tips If You Are New To Leggings

Fashion Friday: Date Night Outfit

Fashion Friday: Date Night Outfit Welcome back to another episode of Fashion Friday: Date Night Outfit edition! I mentioned in my Makeup Monday post, Makeup Monday: 1 Palette, 2 Looks that this passed weekend was my hubby's b-day celebration! Well, I also wanted to share what my #OOTD was for that date. Our traditions for each of … Continue reading Fashion Friday: Date Night Outfit

Abby + Anna Legging Haul

Abby + Anna Legging Haul Happy Friday!  I'm here with another episode of Fashion Friday with an Abby + Anna legging haul!!! I was recently able to purchase more leggings with my Christmas money! Which I was very excited about, because I have been alternating wearing the same 2 pairs of leggings that I received … Continue reading Abby + Anna Legging Haul

Fashion Friday with Abby+Anna

Fashion Friday with abby+anna Happy Fashion Friday!  Today's Fashion Friday post is featuring abby+anna! abby+anna's boutique updates their inventory every Tuesday and Thursday, so there is always something new to see! But let me tell you, their stuff goes FAST!   Luckily, you only need to wait a few days in between restocks, but I would … Continue reading Fashion Friday with Abby+Anna

My Wish List To Start 2017 Off Right

My Wish List To Start 2017 Off Right Happy 2017 to you all!  I hope the new year finds you well and prosperous!  I wanted to share my wish list of things that I will need to start 2017 off right! I don't normally do New Year's Resolutions but I do like to set goals for … Continue reading My Wish List To Start 2017 Off Right