So You Haven’t Heard Of Abby + Anna’s Boutique?

So You Haven’t Heard Of abby + anna’s boutique?

I have been a Style Advisor with abby + anna’s boutique since October of 2016.


I started out knowing very little about the company when I first signed on.

But I knew I wanted to become an affiliate with an online boutique of some sort, with the long term goal of having my very own pop-up boutique someday!  So far I have fallen in love with this company and it’s product!

I am a firm believer that if I’m going to sell something, I have to love it and believe in it!

As I’ve learned more about the company and the people who run it, I definitely believe in their vision.  As I’ve purchased the clothing and worn it, I definitely love the product!  So of course, I want to share this amazing company with all of you!!

abby + anna’s boutique is fairly new to the online boutique game.

They actually launched their website just this year (2016) and opened up the Style Advisor opportunity in April!  But more on that later.  The company is a family owned company that values quality and comfort at a great price.  It is mostly the brain child of 10 year old Abby (and a little help from Mom, Dad and sister) who desired to start her own online clothing boutique.  Abby especially wanted to sell cute, comfortable and quality leggings that she too, could wear!  abby + anna’s boutique was launched out of the family’s home in Grand Rapids, MI and it’s still located there today.  However, they have had the opportunity to move the business into a warehouse!  Abby and her little sister, have a big role in the company as they help to hand pick inventory, but their mom handles just about everything else!!!  They are an amazing company and an equally amazing family!!!

Their product is most commonly compared to the other legging giants.

And the leggings that a+a sells are the same exact material and quality, as are the rest of the clothing items.  Here is the comparison chart:


abby+anna has quite a large selection of cute printed leggings, as well as tunics, dresses, skirts and more, from OS to Plus to 1x-3x, and there is always something new to see and buy!  a+a also offers a wide range of girls clothing and Me & My Mini sets, that are hugely popular.

**UPDATE** abby + anna’s boutique now has their own exclusive clothing line, with exclusive jewelry to come!  The new clothing line is made in the U.S.A. The leggings are still soft and quality, however they are a bit different than the leggings that I described above (now called the Basic Leggings).  The new leggings have a “yoga” like waistband.  We still sell the other style leggings as well, so it’s a great merging of the two!  There are many, many new and exciting changes that have been made recently and that are yet to come!


The Style Advisor opportunity is another amazing thing about this company.

As I stated before, a+a opened up the opportunity back in April and has grown significantly in size!  To become a Style Advisor, I just had to fill out an application and choose an advisor package to purchase.  (The Style Advisor packages are shown below). Anyone who logs onto the Style Advisor’s personal website and makes a purchase, that Advisor will earn 25% commissions.  As a Style Advisor, you also get 25% off all personal purchases.

advisor packages

There is also an option to grow your own team of Style Advisors if you so choose!  However, abby+anna’s boutique is not technically an MLM company.

You can view my unboxing video of my Style Advisor package here: OOTD: My abby + anna Leggings (*disclaimer, this vid was done early on in my video making days and I didn’t know very much about the company at the time!)

The more I grow in this business opportunity, the more excited I become about it!

I definitely need to grow my leggings arsenal so I can do more OOTD posts.  And of course, my ultimate goal is to have inventory on-hand to sell from!  But for now, I am working my boutique business from my ipad and phone!!

You can shop my website, or sign up to become a Style Advisor here:

What is your style personality? Take this quiz to find out!

That’s just a little bit about this online boutique that I have the privilege of being a part of!  So now you can say that you HAVE heard of abby + anna’s boutique!

m.y. boutique


Want to know more about abby & anna’s boutique?  Ask me questions in the comment section.  And if you enjoyed this post, please like and share!

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*Since I am an independent representative of both Avon and abby+anna’s boutique, I do make a commission off of the items that I sell from my websites.  I don’t necessarily use this blog in order to make sales, my blog is used only for promoting and bringing awareness to my businesses. However, I will redirect my readers to my websites via product links, in the event that you see something you like

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