1 Makeup Palette, Multiple Looks

1 Makeup Palette, Multiple Looks

You can truly use this 1 makeup palette to create multiple looks!

I ordered the Avon True Color For The Love Of Makeup Artist Palette a few months ago, and I have been experimenting with it ever since!

The makeup palette contains 41 shades of Avon’s True Color makeup!  What is True Color makeup, you may ask?  This is what  Avon calls it’s trademark formula, to make the color that you see in the compact or stick, the actual color that it will go on!

Avon comes out with a different makeup palette every holiday season, each with different combinations of shadows and blushes.

This year’s palette is called For The Love Of Makeup Artist Palette and contains:

  • 3 True Color blushes in shades Peach Glow, Pink Shimmer, & Plum Radiance
  • 2 highlighters in shades Bronze Highlight & Pearl Highlight
  • 1 contour in shade Fawn Contour
  • 5 True Color lip glosses in shades Bare Naturelle, Siren, Pink Pop, Coral, & Vamp
  • 30 True Color eyeshadows in shades Midnight, Twilight, Royal, Marine, Aqua, Forest, Moss, Antique, Plum, Raisin, Ink, Gunmetal, Coal, Sequin, Amethyst, Violet, Wine, Magenta, Rose, Frosty, Coffee, Taupe, Ginger, Tawny, Nutmeg, Copper, Gilded, Toast, Shell & Buff


I’ve been practicing my makeup skills with this palette,

which, truth be told, I don’t have any!  But I wanted to share with you all the different looks that I’ve done with this palette so far!

For this look I used Fawn Contour, Pearl Highlight and Bronze Highlight as a blush.  On the eyes, I used Copper and Toast and Shell on the brow bone.

For this look, I used Fawn Contour, Pearl Highlight, and Pink Shimmer for blush. On my eyes, I used Plum, Magenta, and Rose.  I used Shell on the brow bone.

Please excuse the messy hair!  For this neutral look, I used Ginger, Tawny and Gilded with Buff on the brow bone.


This look is very similar to look #2.  For this look, I used Fawn Contour, Bronze Highlight and Plum Radiance as my blush.  I used Magenta and Rose.


I’m a little leary of using the blues, grays and black though.  I’m not used to wearing those colors.

But, with the holidays coming up, maybe I’ll brave it!  If I do create a makeup look with the darker colors, would you like to see it?


As you can see, this 1 Palette can create multiple looks!  Would you ever try Avon’s True Color For The Love Of Makeup Artist Palette?  Comment below, and don’t forget to like, share and follow!

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5 thoughts on “1 Makeup Palette, Multiple Looks

  1. ElizabethRiehle says:

    Blues are always fun! They make the whites of your eyes really bright, so you look fresh, alert, and awake. They always feel EXTREME when you first start wearing them, but soon you’ll start craving them. 😉 I think Ann Hatfield did a really good tutorial on the blues in this palette on your YouTube channel.


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