OOTD: My Abby & Anna Leggings

OOTD: My Abby & Anna Leggings

I wore my Abby & Anna leggings the other day and wanted to do an OOTD post

OOTD: My Abby & Anna Leggings

I was running errands and delivering Avon brochures that day

so I wanted something comfy & casual, yet stylish & cute!  It was also chilly that day, so I wanted to wear a chunky sweater.  I didn’t have a sweater long enough to wear with my leggings, so I decided to grab my Old Navy relaxed tank top and wear it underneath!  And since I can’t go anywhere without jewelry, I had to add this statement necklace and give my OOTD that stylish look!  I love the way the outfit came together!

These were 1 pair of the 2 leggings I received with my affiliate package when I signed up.  (You can watch my FB Live affiliate unboxing below).  My first time wearing the Abby & Anna leggings and they felt divine on!!!  They are so soft and comfy!  I LOVE them!  I think I need a few more pairs in my life!

If you’d like to check out the website click here:


They get new inventory every week, so there’s always something new to see!

Click here to grab your FREE leggings!

Watch my FB Live video of what leggings were in my affiliate package:

(*disclaimer: this vid was filmed in my early days of making videos and I didn’t know very much about the company at the time of filming)


m.y. boutique

That was my OOTD with my Abby & Anna leggings!  Remember to comment, like and share!

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