OOTD: My abby & anna Leggings

OOTD: My abby & anna Leggings

I wore my Abby & Anna leggings the other day and wanted to do an OOTD post

OOTD: My Abby & Anna Leggings

I was running errands and delivering Avon brochures that day

so I wanted something comfy & casual, yet stylish & cute!  It was also chilly that day, so I wanted to wear a chunky sweater.  I didn’t have a sweater long enough to wear with my leggings, so I decided to grab my Old Navy relaxed tank top and wear it underneath!  And since I can’t go anywhere without jewelry, I had to add this statement necklace and give my OOTD that stylish look!  I love the way the outfit came together!

These were 1 pair of the 2 leggings I received with my affiliate package when I signed up.  (You can watch my FB Live affiliate unboxing below).  My first time wearing the Abby & Anna leggings and they felt divine on!!!  They are so soft and comfy!  I LOVE them!  I think I need a few more pairs in my life!

If you’d like to check out the website click here:


What’s your style personality?  Take the quiz to find out! https://quiz.leadquizzes.com/q/gUuSrF

Watch my FB Live video of what leggings were in my affiliate package:

(*disclaimer: this vid was filmed in my early days of making videos and I didn’t know very much about the company at the time of filming)


m.y. boutique

That was my OOTD with my Abby & Anna leggings!  Remember to comment, like and share! 


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*Since I am an independent representative of both Avon and abby+anna’s boutique, I do make a commission off of the items that I sell from my websites.  I don’t necessarily use this blog in order to make sales, my blog is used only for promoting and bringing awareness to my businesses. However, I will redirect my readers to my websites via product links, in the event that you see something you like

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