So You Haven’t Heard Of Abby + Anna’s Boutique?

So You Haven't Heard Of abby + anna's boutique? I have been a Style Advisor with abby + anna's boutique since October of 2016. I started out knowing very little about the company when I first signed on. But I knew I wanted to become an affiliate with an online boutique of some sort, with the … Continue reading So You Haven’t Heard Of Abby + Anna’s Boutique?

OOTD: Festive Leggings Look

OOTD: Festive Leggings Look I wanted to share my Festive Leggings Look OOTD from a couple of weekends ago! That weekend was chilly for us Arizonans, and I was going to sitting at the park all day, so I wanted to wear something comfy, yet cozy, but NOT frumpy!  I decided to wear my abby + … Continue reading OOTD: Festive Leggings Look

abby & anna Unboxing & 1st Impression

abby & anna Unboxing & 1st Impression I purchased some tunics from abby + anna on Black Friday and I wanted to do an abby + anna Unboxing & 1st Impressions post of my shipment! I did actually wait a few days to open my package until I was able to do a Facebook Live video … Continue reading abby & anna Unboxing & 1st Impression

OOTD: My abby & anna Leggings

OOTD: My abby & anna Leggings I wore my Abby & Anna leggings the other day and wanted to do an OOTD post I was running errands and delivering Avon brochures that day so I wanted something comfy & casual, yet stylish & cute!  It was also chilly that day, so I wanted to wear … Continue reading OOTD: My abby & anna Leggings