3 Marketers That Inspire Me

3 Marketers That Inspire Me


In my search to learn more about social media marketing, I came upon 3 marketers that have inspired me greatly!

When I first began social media marketing I had no idea what I was doing!  I quickly learned that I needed help!  Luckily, I found these 3 people to learn and grow from!  There are so many choices out there in the internet world, so many free courses to take, social media marketers to follow, it can be quite overwhelming!

I want to share this with you, because it is most helpful when you’re choosing a social media marketer to follow, to have someone who has experience with them.

  1. Emily Seagren: Makeup Marketing Online She is the very first marketer I began following, because she is an Avon Representative like me.  I saw some of her work on the internet and wondered, “how did she do that!”.  I found her blog, then her YouTube channel and that was it, I was a fan of hers as well as a student!  But she has grown as a marketer herself and has training material anyone can use to grow a business.
  2. Meredith Dale: Intentional Marker University (IMU) This second marketer I found on Instgram over a year ago.  I liked a picture of hers and then she followed me on IG.  I saw, in her bio, that she lived in the same place that I did!  Small world!  So I began reading her blogs and watching her training videos on YouTube and she has taught me a great deal!!  She now has a social marketing business called Intentional Marketing University.  Which is another great resource to use for any marketing business!
  3. Kate McKibben: Secret Bloggers’ Business or Secret Bloggers’ Society on Facebook.  This group I found on Facebook when I signed up to do a blogging challenge.  Not only did that challenge grow me as a blogger and marketer, but I found a wonderful community of bloggers who are there to learn, grow, and encourage one another!  This is a wonderful way to grow your business, get exposure and to meet other bloggers from around the world!  It’s really quite exciting!  And Kate’s training is fantastic!


I really hope this post helps those of you who are just starting out in social media marketing!  Or maybe looking to grow what you’ve already begun!


You can follow these 3 marketers that I have learned from too, by clicking on the links I provided.  If this post was helpful, please like and share!

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*This post includes links, that when clicked, lead to other blog posts or websites. Product links are items that I have used, or would like to try, and would recommend. I do receive a slight commission through some, not all, product links

6 thoughts on “3 Marketers That Inspire Me

  1. shine2u says:

    Without this piece you wrote I would not have known these marketers! Informative and I will read up on them-I love finding out about people in the industry!


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