Avon Haul for Brochure 21

Avon Haul for Brochure 21

Avon Haul for Brochure 21 Back for another Avon Haul, this time for Avon brochure 21! {Just so you know, these are Facebook Live videos} I like to do these videos in the hopes that it will be helpful to my customers, and potential customers, to "see" the product in real life! https://youtu.be/RY1-o-Gyyfk   Products … Continue reading Avon Haul for Brochure 21

What’s Hot in Avon Brochure 22

What's Hot in Avon Brochure 22 Here is a preview of What's Hot in Avon Brochure 22.   https://youtu.be/DvFh5pp2RCk   Here are the Avon Brochures that you can shop from now!     You can purchase these products on my e-Boutique:  mistiemasters.avonrepresentative.com and be sure to visit my e-Boutique page for current discount codes. Hope you enjoyed my … Continue reading What’s Hot in Avon Brochure 22