First Day of You Are Forgiven

You Are Forgiven Weeks 4 &5

You Are Forgiven Week 4 & 5

It seems that time has gotten away from me!  We are just wrapping up week 5 and I never wrote about week 4!

So I decided to just go ahead and combine the 2 weeks into one post.  They do pretty much go hand in hand anyway.  Let’s see, so far we’ve learned, in the You Are Forgiven study, The Need For Forgiveness, The Way of Forgiveness, The Depth of Our Forgiveness, and now week 4 and 5 cover The Result of Forgiveness and The Call of Forgiveness.

You Are Forgiven Weeks 4 & 5


Week 4 was another tough one!

It was an extremely rough week!  I struggled a lot to “keep it together”!  I felt like the enemy was in full-on attack mode.  He was trying to bring up the past and shove it in my face!  Hmpf, it figures that he would use this week to try to bring me down!  This is the week where we learned how to put our forgiveness in action.  As Joy Forney put it, to live forgiven, every single day!  Declare to yourself, in every situation, that YOU ARE FORGIVEN, then do it the next day, then the next…you get the picture.  But how was I supposed live forgiven when I had the enemy all up in my face with my sin??  If the accusations in my mind, him attacking my dreams, and putting reminders right in front of my face weren’t enough, he stooped even lower and brought me face to face with people that I had hurt deeply, and  it was just a reminder of what an awful person I am!!!  Talk about shame overload!  But the verses we talked about in week 4, gave me life!

You Are Forgiven Weeks 4 & 5

ANYONE that belongs to Christ.  Do I belong to Christ?  Yes.  Am I ANYONE?  Yes.  This includes me, I AM A NEW CREATION”.


You Are Forgiven Weeks 4 & 5

God will renew my mind so that I think like Him. He changes me from the inside out, and then I can know what things please Him.  I am not defined by the world or by my sin or by what people think about me anymore, He defines me.

You Are Forgiven Weeks 4 & 5


I am no longer a slave to sin, I have been set free from it, this includes the sins of the past.

You Are Forgiven Weeks 4 & 5


My old  way of thinking and doing things is dead, crucified on the cross with Christ.  My life is now in the Spirit and in the spiritual realm, which, even though we can’t see it, is as real as the world we can see and touch.  That is where I now live and what I now live for.

You Are Forgiven Weeks 4 & 5


And lastly, because I am a child of God, I have the power and ability to defeat the world and be victorious over sin, by means of faith!  So I see now, that even though I didn’t feel forgiven, or like a new creation last week, the truth is I AM.  Now I must live like I am and let the sins of the past, stay in the past!  That is not who I am any longer.  This is what it means to live forgiven.


You Are Forgiven Weeks 4 & 5

And now that I have the freedom to live forgiven, I must in turn, forgive.  This is what week 5 has been about.


In light of all that I have been forgiven for, (and satan reminded me last week, that it’s been A LOT), I am now free to forgive others.  How can I not?  How can I stand before my God, and ask Him to wipe my slate clean, if I’m going to hold a grudge and refuse to forgive someone else??  It doesn’t make sense.  As His daughter, I can not live that way!  Week 5’s verses reveal the importance of forgiveness, to God.  In these verses He talks about making allowance for other’s faults; not paying back evil with evil, but do good to those that wrong you; forgive an uncountable number of times; and when we come before Him in prayer, to make sure we have forgiven anyone who has sinned against us, just as God forgives us.  God reminds us that our forgiveness isn’t necessarily for the person that has wronged us, rather, it’s for us.

You Are Forgiven Weeks 4 & 5imageimageimageYou Are Forgiven Weeks 4 & 5

Forgiveness gives us freedom to love.  Freedom from anger and bitterness.  Freedom from sin.  Even if that person never acknowledges his sin against us or never asks for forgiveness,  we should still forgive, so that we can be free of it.  I know this is an extremely difficult concept, believe me, I’ve had some people in my life that have done unforgivable things to me, but what does it profit me if I allow that hurt and anger to fester inside of me?  Will those people be affected?  No!  They probably have no idea the scars that they left on me!  It is a hard thing, but the one thing I learned this week is that we can do it through our faith in Him.  We release that hurt to Him, and He does the rest.  He heals.  He comforts.  He consoles.  Even when the pain is still there, that doesn’t mean I haven’t forgiven.  It is done, I just have to have faith and believe.  And, He also avenges.  He is the ultimate judge and jury, and those that harm His children, will have to answer to Him!  God can handle these offenders much better than I ever could!  That’s a scary thought!  The thought of that, actually moves me to pray for them!  And that’s how I know, Christ has made me free indeed!



So that is what I learned in the You Are Forgiven Study Weeks 4 & 5.

Pretty deep stuff, I know.  But my hope and prayer is that I might help someone who may be struggling with this very thing.  Trust me, you are not alone!



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5 thoughts on “You Are Forgiven Weeks 4 &5

  1. throughtheeeyesofmeinspire says:

    This was a great post! I to at one point struggled with forgiveness. I had to pray and ask God to help me to forgive those who have wronged me and to forgive me for the people that I h lave wronged. Forgiveness is huge! And before God can forgive us and so what he needs to do with us, we have to forgive people who have hurt us, and who we have hurt. I really enjoyed reading this 😊


    • Mistie M says:

      Thank you for taking the time to read and for your kind words. You are so right, forgiveness is huge! It’s not easy, but it’s necessary if we want to be free! I also realized the importance of seeking forgiveness for the things I have done to people, and not just think about forgiving those that have wronged me. Like you said here, both are equally important. 😊

      Liked by 1 person

  2. throughtheeeyesofmeinspire says:

    At a point in time I struggled with forgiveness. I had to pray and ask God to show me how to forgive people that has hurt me. When we don’t forgive people we are really hurting ourselves and hindering what God is trying to do with us and in our lives. Forgiveness is huge!! I really enjoyed reading this, great post! 😊


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