First Day of You Are Forgiven

You Are Forgiven Weeks 4 &5

You Are Forgiven Week 4 & 5 It seems that time has gotten away from me!  We are just wrapping up week 5 and I never wrote about week 4! So I decided to just go ahead and combine the 2 weeks into one post.  They do pretty much go hand in hand anyway.  Let's … Continue reading You Are Forgiven Weeks 4 &5

Avon Style Haul

Avon Style Haul I decided to do an Avon Style Haul video this time around. I hadn't realized that I purchased so many fashion items these past few campaigns, and when I did, I figured I would make my usual haul, a style haul! Here is my YouTube video: I am new to making videos, … Continue reading Avon Style Haul

Avon & Drugstore Empties

Avon & Drugstore Empties Here are some of my recent Avon & Drugstore Empties. These are products that I've used up within the last month or so.  Most of them are Avon products, being that I'm an Avon representative and that's the majority of what I buy, I had a couple of other drugstore products thrown in there. … Continue reading Avon & Drugstore Empties

You Are Forgiven Week 3

You Are Forgiven Week 3 We just completed week 3 in the You Are Forgiven Book! So far, in this study, we have learned about the need of forgiveness and the way of forgiveness.  In week 3, we discovered the depth of forgiveness.  And let me tell you, it was a good one!  Yes!  Finally … Continue reading You Are Forgiven Week 3

3 Plum Lipsticks for Fall

3 Plum Lipsticks for Fall   Plum Lipsticks for fall is a trend that I've been seeing a lot of lately. It is a trend that I was curious to try.  I usually steer clear of purple makeup in general, because I have inherited dark under-eye circles, but I thought I'd be adventurous and try … Continue reading 3 Plum Lipsticks for Fall

Mani-Monday: Candy Colored Gold Tipped Nails

Mani-Monday: Candy Colored Gold Tipped Nails   So I cheated a little bit with my Mani-Monday look...this was supposed to be last week's Mani-Monday post! Long story, short, my hubby had the entire week off from work, so I got absolutely no work done last week!!  But, hey, that's ok, this is why I do … Continue reading Mani-Monday: Candy Colored Gold Tipped Nails

You Are Forgiven Week 1

You Are Forgiven Week 1 This week I began on the journey of going through the Love God Greatly's You Are Forgiven Book. As far as I know, everyone wants to be forgiven for their wrong doings. Nobody wants a mistake or a wrong-doing to hang over their heads for the rest of their life!  … Continue reading You Are Forgiven Week 1

You Are Forgiven Week 2

You Are Forgiven Week 2 Whew!  I didn't think that this You Are Forgiven study was going to be so hard! I was so thrilled to get into learning about all the ways that I am forgiven, but I didn't take into consideration having to deal with my sin first, before I can get to … Continue reading You Are Forgiven Week 2

Fall Fashion Report: mark.

Fall Fashion Report: mark. Fashion Transition from the hotter to cooler weather with ease and grace!  Here is my Fall Fashion Report with mark.   Can you believe that Fall is just around the corner??  With the weather beginning to cool down, it's time to dress a little warmer!  mark. Fashion has some great fashion … Continue reading Fall Fashion Report: mark.