Liebster Award #2!!!

Liebster Award #2!!!

I am so happy to be nominated for the Liebster Award for a 2nd time!

The 1st time was awhile back, so I’m grateful that I have another opportunity to be acknowledged like this!!  Thank you, for the nomination and for spreading the love😉!

The rules are:

  • post 11 facts about yourself (optional)answer 11 questions from your nominator
  • nominate 11 other bloggers ask them 11 questions
  • let them know you have nominated them

Below are 11 facts you may not know about me:

  1. I am a mother of 2 teenage daughters and a tween boy
  2. I homeschooled for almost 10 yrs
  3. I am a beauty school dropout
  4. I haven’t worked outside the home in 20 yrs
  5. Hip Hop was my 1st love of music
  6. I love me some Drake!
  7. My secret vice is watching reality tv
  8. I love to read books that have a series
  9. I am a reformed people-pleaser
  10. I am just now fulfilling my desire to learn how to sew
  11. I love to sing

Here are the 11 questions asked from my nominator:

  1. What’s your blog name? Why did you name it that?  The name of my blog is Beauty n Bling.  I named it that because I originally started this blog to promote my Avon business, and since Avon sells everything from beauty to home goods, I thought it was a perfect name to represent it.  But now that it’s a beauty, fashion and faith blog, I feel like it’s still very appropriate.
  2. What film/tv series can you never get bored of?  Right at the moment, the show I could never get bored of is The Get Down.
  3. What colour are your eyes?  My eyes are really dark brown.
  4. What age do you wish you could go back to?  I wish I could go back to any part of my 20’s, but with the knowledge I have now😉!
  5. What is your star sign?  I am a libra through and through.
  6. Summer or Winter?  Summer
  7. Autumn or Spring?  Autumn
  8. What was the last song you listened to?  The theme song to Bachelor in Paradise!
  9. Have you got a favourite YouTuber?  Not really a YouTuber, but my favorite Instagrammer is Amrezy.  I love her makeup skills and her style!
  10. Do you have any siblings? If not, do you wish you did?  I have an older brother.
  11. What things have you improved on since blogging?  Definitely my photo skills!  I was never able to take a decent photo, but since I’ve been trying to step up my blogging game, I can at least take a pic that’s in focus!!

For this award, I nominate:


Questions for my nominees:

What’s your blog name? Why did you name it that?

What gave you the desire to begin blogging?

Where are you from or where do you live now?

What is one thing that you wish people knew about you?

Flats or heels?

Do you have any pets?

What is one beauty item that you can’t live without?

What was the last song you listened to?

Do you have a favorite YouTuber?

Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

What things have you improved on since blogging?

I love doing stuff like this!  I hope you enjoyed getting to know me a little bit better!


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