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Capsule Wardrobe: Cleaning Out My Closet

Capsule Wardrobe:  Cleaning Out My Closet

As my quest toward creating a capsule wardrobe continues, I’m taking the necessary steps.

The first thing that needs to be done is cleaning out my closet, like REALLY cleaning it out.  I came across this ever so helpful post at, which broke down exactly what I needed to do to begin to effectively clean out my closet!

I followed the instructions given in the blog post, pretty much to the “t”.

I actually wrote down a date on my calendar and made sure I planned for nothing else on that day!  The day of, I grabbed my water, turned up my Spotify station, and got to cleaning!

Round 1:

I took every single piece of clothing that I owned out of my closet and from my dresser.  I decided not to bother sorting out my shoes or accessories at this time.  I literally threw my whole entire wardrobe on top of my bed!  Then I went into my closet and vacuumed it out, the carpet, the crown molding, the shelves, everything.   Lastly, I sprayed some Fabreze into my closet to get that weird scent out, that closets seem to get.  Then I took a break.


Round 2:

After my break, I began throwing things into piles, I followed my first instinct and didn’t overthink this part.  I followed this formula (from the post ) :

  1. Love: I love these items. They fit me well and I wear them frequently.
  2. Maybe: I want to keep this but I don’t know why. (you know you have those items)
  3. Donate: These items don’t fit my body or my life.
  4. Trash: These items are in poor condition. (repurpose if possible)

Everything that was in my “trash” pile, I immediately  took out to the trash, again not overthinking this step.  I grabbed all of my donate/resell items and placed them into 2 separate bags and took them out to my car.  When I returned, I went through the piles I had left, but this time I went through them a little more scrupulously.  I went through each item of clothing and asked myself these questions (from the blog post mentioned above):

  1. Would I go to the store and buy this today?
  2. Will I wear this in the next 3-6 months (or ever)?

From those piles of clothing,  I made 2 more piles; a donate/resell and a keep pile.  And again, as soon as I was done, I bagged those donate/resell items and moved them out of sight!  I took the fall & winter clothing and stored them in those vacuum Zilplock bags that I purchased at Walmart.  The final step was to return the keep pile back into my closet and dresser drawers.


I still ended up with more than 33-35 articles of clothing, but I figured that it was ok, because this is a process.

Everyone’s journey is going to look different.  I also figured that I would soon find out which clothes I would really wear, out of the ones I kept, then it would be much easier to just remove those items later.

I also refrained from clothes shopping  for a few weeks.

After that “fast”, I have only purchased new items of clothing to complete outfits, for items that I already had.  Doing this has truly challenged me to be creative with the clothes I have, and it also showed me how little I really do need to buy myself new clothes!!  As I continue to explore this new lifestyle, I have found different variations as far as  capsule wardrobe”rules”.  I think that the one that is going to work for me, is the 5-piece French Wardrobe.  Here is an example:

I’m still inspired make this change, and hopefully I’ll stick to the plan!

I definitely have been using my imagination  and creativity when getting dressed and I don’t feel like I have a love/hate relationship with my closet anymore!  And I notice that when I shop for clothes now, I’m more intentional, because I am looking for specific pieces.


Feel free to leave your comments below!

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