It Works Hair, Skin & Nail 90 Day Challenge Update

It Works Hair, Skin & Nail 90 Day Challenge Update



I never finished chronicling my It Works HSN 90 Day Challenge.

It was pretty much the same as month 2.  My nails were growing thicker and more curved.  My hair looked shiny, healthy, and less sparse; it wasn’t mermaid hair, but it was healthy.  My skin looked better. And the most surprising thing of all, were my eyelashes; they grew much longer and thicker!

I ran out of the supplements sometime in May, I believe, and haven’t been able to re-order since.  I can already tell a difference!

My nails aren’t as thick or curvy, my hair pretty much stayed the same, which is a good thing, my face doesn’t look as healthy and glowy, and my eyelashes don’t look as long and thick.


I was very impressed by the results of this challenge, surprisingly so.

I would definitely, and most likely will, re-order the HSN supplements, hopefully sooner rather than later.  I really do think it helps!

Here is the link to the ItWorks site, in case you want to try it our for yourself!


Have you ever tried the It Works Hair, Skin, & Nails 90 Day Challenge?  Comment below to share your results.

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