David, A Man After God’s Own Heart?

David, A Man After God’s Own Heart?


In week 3 we see that, even though God calls David a man after His own Heart, David still sinned.

This gives us hope to know that it is nothing that we do to earn God’s favor, He just simply loves us!

We begin week 3 seeing David discover that King Saul wanted to kill him, so David fled.  He turned to everyone, but God, for help.

Was it wrong for David to go into “flight” mode?  Was it wrong for David to deceive the king of Gath in order to save his life?

Growing up, I quickly learned ways to survive in my world. I call it “survival skills”. I didn’t know God back then and I couldn’t depend on anyone else to protect me, so I had to protect myself. These “survival skills” gave me a way to function in my everyday life, but quickly became sinful patterns mainly because it was me being my own god. When I came to know Christ as my Savior, I no longer had to protect, defend, and save myself. It was very, very hard to let go of those skills that had helped me to survive my whole life! God’s will for my life, as it was in David’s, is to transform me, to change me, to make me more like Himself, and to wholly submit to Him. When I don’t allow Him to, when I resist Him, I’m out of His will for my life. And I don’t want to be out of His will!

Again, later in his life, we see that David made other foolish mistakes.

God called David a man after His own heart, yet there were times when David allowed the desires of his flesh to rule his life, as in the case wi Bathsheba.  After their extra-marital affair, Bathsheba becomes pregnant with David’s child.  So what does David do.  Does he repent?  No, he makes things worse by having her husband killed!  And again, this serves as a testimony to me.  Be watchful, be on guard, against the desires of my flesh and against my very real enemy.  Keep my eyes on Jesus.  Allow David’s life to teach me.  When I give into sin, it will not only affect me, but the people I love as well; it’s just a natural consequence of sin.  When David was confronted with his sin, He immediately sought God’s forgiveness.  That is how I want respond when I realize that I’ve sinned.

Moving on from David, we see a stark contrast between him and his descendant, Jesus.

This amazes me and leaves me speechless every time!  Jesus is the Word – the Word is Jesus.  The Word was with God from the beginning, but the Word was also God.  The Word came to earth in human form in the person of Jesus.  And for what reason?  All so that we could know the Father and the One whom He sent, Jesus Christ.  He came so that I could experience His unfailing love and faithfulness, so that I could be saved.  It truly does amaze me that He would love a wretch like me!

Unlike David, Jesus was tempted in every way, yet never sinned!


We look deeper into Jesus, the man.

Jesus knows what it feels like to love, to experience a broken heart, to be hungry, to be hated, to be exhausted, to be rejected, to be lonely, to be physically hurt, to be adored, to be a servant, to be loved.  He experienced birth, infancy, childhood, adolescence, adulthood.  He dealt with sickness and death of those He loved the most.  He experienced trials, temptations, and tribulations.  If anyone knows with it feels like to be me…it is Him!  Therefore, I can trust him with every thought, every emotion, every feeling, every pain, every temptation, because He went through it all!  He is not a God that doesn’t relate to us, he is a God that identifies with our humanness, and therefore, is trustworthy and merciful.


How do I apply this to my own life?  What do I learn from both the life of David.  And the life of Jesus?

All of my life I’ve had a specific weakness, which has caused me much struggling.  I tried fighting it on my own, I tried pretending it didn’t exist, I tried hiding it and covering it up, I tried to “run” from it.  I begged and pleaded with God for years and years, to take it away.  I even gave up trying to fight it anymore, but found that I was more miserable than I ever had been before!  Then God gave me this verse, and I realized that even if God never took this weakness from me, that I would be ok. God still loves me.  That realization causes me to submit it to Him on a daily basis.  It causes me to have compassion for others and to see things differently.  I’ve learned to live WITH this weakness and to allow God’s power to work in me and through me.  And I can boast in that, and it can be a testimony to those around me.

His grace truly is sufficient for me!





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