Mani-Monday: 4th of July Nails

Mani-Monday:  4th of July Nails This is my Mani-Monday post, going up on a Tuesday... I hope you all had a wonderful time celebrating our Nation yesterday, I know I certainly did!  Which is why my Mani-Monday post is a day late! I decided to do another nailart design created by @lancengi, she has a good … Continue reading Mani-Monday: 4th of July Nails

It Works Hair, Skin & Nail 90 Day Challenge Update

It Works Hair, Skin & Nail 90 Day Challenge Update   I never finished chronicling my It Works HSN 90 Day Challenge. It was pretty much the same as month 2.  My nails were growing thicker and more curved.  My hair looked shiny, healthy, and less sparse; it wasn't mermaid hair, but it was healthy. … Continue reading It Works Hair, Skin & Nail 90 Day Challenge Update

Trending:The Trench Dress

Trending:The Trench Dress I read the other day, on the internet, that the surprise trend for summer is the trench dress. I thought it was interesting, but as looked around at my local retail stores, I did notice the trench dress in quite a few places.  So I thought I'd blog this post and ask what … Continue reading Trending:The Trench Dress

David, A Man After God’s Own Heart?

David, A Man After God's Own Heart? In week 3 we see that, even though God calls David a man after His own Heart, David still sinned. This gives us hope to know that it is nothing that we do to earn God's favor, He just simply loves us! We begin week 3 seeing David … Continue reading David, A Man After God’s Own Heart?