Avon Empties

Avon Empties

I’ve seen lots of posts and vids on product empties.

I wanted to do my own version of an empties post, using none other than Avon products!  I purchase, and use up, many Avon products throughout the year, so I thought it would be fun to see the hits and misses.

I hope to be able to continue an empties series with products other than Avon, as well.

We’ll just have to see where this series leads!  Without further adieu, here are the Avon products I’ve used up lately and whether or not I will re-purchase.


  1. Anew Ultimate Skin Care Set –

I was using the Anew Skinvincible day and night creams last summer, however, as winter came along I decided I needed something a little more emollient.  I have always had normal to dry skin, so the Ultimate was very moisturizing for my skin.  I like the cleanser, as well, for the very same reason, that it doesn’t dry out my skin.  This skincare line is very thick and rich, so its perfect for the colder months.  However, as the weather heats up around here, I have noticed my skin beginning to look a little greasy.  I did repurchase this set already, but I think I will save it for next winter and go back to the Skinvincible for summer.

2. Skin So Soft Signature Silk +Argon Oil Perfecting Oil –

This oil is amazing!  It is a small bottle, but it’s so concentrated that a little goes a long way!  It is supposed to fade the looks of scars and stretch marks.  I have been using the oil for a few years now, and I continue to order and use it, because it has really helped with my scars!  My skin scars very easily, so any cut, blister, or burn turns into a scar.  This oil really helped to lesson the appearance of even the scars that I have had for years!  And the more recent scars are pretty much faded altogether!  It doesn’t, however, eliminate the appearance of my stretch marks.

3. Avon Senses Passionfruit & Peony Hydrating Shower Gel –

I love this scent!  It’s the perfect summer scent, its the perfect balance of fruity and floral.  It’s not one of those shower gel fragrances that stays with me all day long, but it smells nice when I showered with it!  I will definitely be repurchasing.

4.  mark. That’s Beachy Texturizing Surf Spray –

This is the first surf spray I have ever used.  I liked it, though I really had nothing to compare it to.  It has a nice, subtle perfumy scent.  It did help my hair to look tossled and beachy, and it also helped to hold my waves better, when I used the curling iron.  I think I will wait to repurchase this, because I really want to try other brands out first.


I hope you enjoyed reading all about my Avon empties!  You can always find these products on my e-boutique.



Have you ever tried any of these products?  Comment below.


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*This post includes links, that when clicked, lead to other blog posts or websites. Product links are items that I have used, or would like to try, and would recommend. I do receive a slight commission through some, not all, product links

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