David’s Promises Are My Promises

David’s Promises Are My Promises


I gleaned many important lessons in this weeks study through the life of David.

My identity in Christ, my confidence in where my citizenship lies, and God’s perfect plan for the restoration of humanity!


How did David grow more and more powerful?  Was it because he ate all his veggies?  Was it because he lifted weights and drank his protein powder?  Was it because he was a ruthless ruler?  No, of course not!  He became more and more powerful BECAUSE GOD!  It had nothing to do with David’s own strength. God was with David. God’s armies were with David.  He found favor in God’s eyes and God took good care of David.  God caused David to find favor in the eyes of others.  It was God’s purpose and God’s plan for David, at an early age, and for an even bigger and greater purpose – the salvation of the entire world!

And now, we are God’s children.  We have found favor in His sight and He takes care of us. He is with us.  We are strong in the power of His might, wherever He places us.
What does this mean for me that David’s house and throne would last forever?  It was through David’s descendants that the Savior of the world was born!  It amazes me that God had a plan for salvation since the beginning of time.  He knew how man would fall and yet He created us anyway, and He knew how He was going to restore man back to Himself!  He had a plan for David and David’s descendants.  He had a plan for Jesus and all who would be born after His crucifixion.  He has a plan for me and for my descendants!  Incredible!  It also amazes me at whom God chooses!  David, a scrawny little shepherd boy, the youngest of his family, the forgotten one.  And me…heh, little ‘ol me!


The thing about Jesus is that He walked and lived on this earth in human form, but He was still 100% God, (mind-boggling, I know!).  Because He was God, He knew from an early age, that He had a bigger purpose.  He knew that His crucifixion was sure, but He knew that He would defeat death.  He knew that this earth was NOT His home!  He knew, in order for the bigger plan to be set in place, He would have to return to His TRUE kingdom. Because I have chosen to call Him Lord and Savior, I am a part of His kingdom, therefore, this world isn’t my home either!


Wow!  What a stark contrast God’s kingdom is to our world!  That is what stood out to me about this passage.  His kingdom IS real and it IS already established in the spiritual realm, it just hasn’t happened yet here on earth.  Rest assured, IT WILL HAPPEN!  That is our promise and our hope.  When we see the unjust things of the world, the war & strife, death & sorrow, wickedness & ruin, we should remember this promise.  Jesus’ physical, very real rule will take place here on earth, but it’s not here yet.  Then who is ruling this place?

Who is the one responsible for all of the pain and wickedness we see happen here?


I am royalty!

I am His family,

no longer a stranger or a foreigner.

I am fully known.

I am a citizen of heaven,

all because of what Jesus did for me!

I am grafted into His vine.

That is who I am.

Do I really believe it?

Do I act like this is who I am?


Because God!  This is the reason I can be sure of my identity, my citizenship in heaven, and in the salvation of the entire world!


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