The Story of David: His Story Is Our Story

The Story of David:  His Story Is Our Story


The much anticipated study of the life of David, began last week!

The Love God Greatly Ministry put together another stellar study!  The official title of the study is, David: His Story Is Our Story.  I am so excited to learn more about how David’s life can be an example for my life.  I’m also excited to see what the Lord will teach me through the life of David!



The first week began when David was chosen by God to be the King of Israel, when he was only a young man, a teenager, I think.

He was the youngest of 8 brothers and was in charge of the family sheep, therefore, he was often overlooked.  But that didn’t matter one bit to God!  God saw David’s heart, not what David looked like on the outside.  I see here that it doesn’t matter where I come from, were I’ve been, what I’ve done, what I look like how smart or successful I am. God doesn’t look at those things, He looks at my heart. He doesn’t look at the outward appearance of people, He looks at what is in their heart.  What a difference than the way people see things.


However, even though David was chosen King at this young age, he wasn’t anointed right away.  In fact, it took YEARS before his induction into kingship would occur.  But David knew God’s promise to him, and he was patient to wait on God’s timing and continued to serve his family as a lowly shepherd boy.  I couldn’t even imagine what it would be like to be a teenager, knowing that someday I would be the Queen of a great nation, and yet still have to act and be treated as a servant in the meantime!  During his time of waiting, David was being prepared by God, in his daily tasks of shepherding sheep.  God had given David great protection out there in the fields, were many a predator would try to snatch up one of his sheep, and David was able to ward of lions and bears…as a young man!  This taught David to trust in God and to lean on him for his every need.


What stands out to me from the verses we read, is just how much faith David had in his God!  So when the time came for David to face Goliath, he had no doubt in his mind that God could help him defeat Goliath!  He had seen God in action, every time he had to defend the sheep from predators.  David knew that it wasn’t by his own strength that he killed lions and bears…LIONS AND BEARS…when they tried to steal his sheep from him. He knew it was God that gave him the ability. And he just KNEW, with every fiber in his being, that God would rescue him from the hands of Goliath. He had zero doubts. So I have to ask myself; when I see God delivering me time and again, from things that are so much bigger than I, do I have David’s faith and confidence that God will deliver me the next time…or the next? Or do I still doubt?


I love all of the beautiful promises we read about in week 1!  Just knowing that God originally made them to His people Israel, but because of Jesus’ death on the cross, everyone who accepts Jesus as Savior, gets to be adopted as His child.  Now these promises are for me!  How wonderful and amazing is that!!  And I can personally attest to it’s truth! God IS my shepherd. He has searched for me, the lost sheep, and brought me into His fold. He has looked for me when I have strayed and brought me back to Himself. He heals my wounds and gives me strength!  I can totally relate to all of week 1’s verses!  I think it can all be summed up as such:

{From the Love God Greatly Blog}
He searches for the lost.

He brings back the strayed.

He rescues them.

He gathers them safely in His arms.

He feeds them with good pasture.

He binds up the injured.

He strengthens the weak.

He gives them rest.

He doesn’t stop. He won’t quit. He never gives up… until the ones He loves are safely back in His arms.


Can you just imagine this?  The God of the universe caring for us as a shepherd would his sheep. Feeding us, carrying us, leading us, for that is how much He loves us?  Doesn’t that make you feel so special?  I know it does me!  Then, He holds us close to His heart…wow! How special is that??  And the big kicker, He calls us His reward!!! What??  Me…sinful, selfish, self-centered, me…I’m His reward!!  So much to take in.

Knowing all of this about David, God, and how it relates to me, I absolutely have to acknowledge that HE IS GOD.  The word “acknowledge” means to accept or admit the existence or truth of.  This word is crucial to our relationship with Jesus!  In order to truly trust in Him, to truly believe in Him, to have peace in Him, to live a life of gratitude, to find joy and contentment, we must ACKNOWLEDGE that HE IS GOD, and that WE ARE HIS PEOPLE – for this is the truth!

Funny thing is, this is a daily acknowledgement…at least for me it is. The minute I cease from acknowledging that He is God, that’s when the worry and stress kick in. That’s when the depression and hopelessness sets in. That’s when discontentment starts for me. I must continually accept and admit that He is God and I am His. When I do that, I find that all I want to do is sing and dance in worship of Him!!

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