The Ouroboros Fashion Show

The Ouroboros Fashion Show

Last week I was fortunate enough to attend the Art Institute of Tucson’s end the year fashion production.

My daughter is a freshman at our local  Art Institute.  She is majoring in Fashion Merchandise and Marketing.  Part of the curricula for her major is putting together a fashion show.  The Fashion Design students, Fashion Marketing students, Film students, and the Culinary students all worked together to put on this show and presented it to family and friends.

I was so  impressed!

They all did a phenomenal job!  It really did feel like we were attending a professional fashion production!  The decor was whimsical, the designs were gorgeous and the food was delicious!  The music, (which was my daughter’s contribution), really helped to set the mood and to tie the entire show together.  My mother, her husband, my cousin and her daughters, and my younger daughter were all able to attend, and were equally impressed!

The theme of the show was Shakespeare’s Midsummer Night’s Dream.

The “runway” portion took place in the atrium of the building, where the Fashoin Marketing students set up beautifully crafted visual displays.  This portion of the show, presented the costume designs created by the Ai Fashion Design students.  Througout the presentation, culinary students walked about, with trays of quaint little hors d’oeuvres to hand to the guests.  There was also apple cider in champagne glasses to sip from, which made me feel so fancy!

The second portion of the production took place in a separate room where, once again the talented Fashion Marketing students, put together more lovely displays in order to showcase the couture wedding gowns that were created by the Fashion Design students.  And there were more yummy hors d’oeurves set up!





 We all had a very nice night!

And I have to say, it was a proud mommy moment!  This was my first time ever attending anything like this, and hopefully, with this being my daughter’s career choice, I will have the privilege of attending many more events like this!

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