Mani-Monday: Summer Nails

Mani-Monday: Summer Nails






I wanted to try something bright and cheerful for my Mani-Monday post.

I saw a photo on Pinterest that I was inspired by, per usual, and wanted to try.  It didn’t come out quite as well, of course, but I really liked how it turned out anyway.  This is my version of the sunflower mani – although, my sunflower looks more like a sun, lol.



Avon Nailwear Pro+ in Sunshine

Avon Dazzlers Top Coat in Showstopper Copper

Avon Nail Experts Ridge Filling Base Coat

Seche Vite Clear Base Coat

Seche Quick-Drying Top Coat

Nail Striping Brush

Avon Duel-Ended Dotting Tool


Get the look:

Since the majority of my nail bed was going to be seen, I painted them first with the ridge filling top, to smooth them out.  When that was dry, I used the Seche Clear Base Coat to give my nails that extra shine and so that the color would adhere to my nail better.  I used the brush of the yellow polish, and painted a strip of the yellow polish across the tip of my nail, very slowly and carefully.  I then brought the brush down on either side of the strip, to curve out the yellow nail tip.  I allowed the tips to dry.  I then blotted some of the yellow polish onto a piece of paper and dipped the nail striping brush into it, to coat it with yellow.  I then began making lines on one side of my ring fingernail, and tried to form a flower, in an outward direction.  When the “flower” had dried, I used the Avon Dazzlers in Showstopper Copper, to make the middle of the flower.  What I did was dotted the glitter polish onto a piece of paper, then I picked up individual glitter with the dotting tool, and placed it on my nail. I topped off the mani with the quick-drying base coat.

That was it, it was a pretty simple mani and I think it helped put me in that summer mindset!


What is inspiring you to get into the summer vibe?  Comment below and share!


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