photo from Elise Sheree

5 Reasons I’m Considering a Capsule Wardrobe

5 Reasons I’m Considering a Capsule Wardrobe

photo from Elise Sheree

Would you…Could you, live on only 33 pieces of clothing?

This is the idea behind having a capsule wardrobe , or living the minimalist lifestyle. The idea is to simplify your life so that you can have more with less, (some ladies cut down to 33 pieces of clothing, some to 37).  I had never heard of a capsule wardrobe before, until I came across a tweet of a woman who posted capsule wardrobe ideas.  I was curious, a bit confused, but ultimately I didn’t have the energy to look much into it.

A few months later I came across the term again, in my bible study discussion group.

One of the leaders of the Love God Greatly ministry, made a comment about outfit repeating on her vlog, and some women commented on her YouTube video, about having a capsule wardrobe.  This time, my curiosity was really piqued.  I really wanted to know what this was all about,  and so I did a little internet searching.  I came across this blog post, in my research,  capsule experiment (from

After reading this blog, I was more interested in exploring the idea of it, but I wasn’t quite ready to jump on board just yet.

It took a few weeks of really playing with the idea of cutting my wardrobe down significantly!  Why would I want to do this?  I asked myself.  I realized that there were plenty of reasons to do it.  Here are my top 5 reasons to consider a capsule wardrobe:

  1. Save time getting dressed every morning – Honestly there I days when I will go into my closet and just stare at my clothes, for a good 5 minutes!  And still, I don’t find anything in there that inspires me, so I will walk away and come back and stare a few more times.  It really does take a good chunk of my time to decide what to wear some mornings.
  2. More money to buy other things besides clothes– Every single time I get extra money, be it birthday money, Christmas money or my commissions from my Avon business, I will go out and buy new clothes.  Do I need new clothes?  Often times no, yet I still do it!  It is a bad habit!  There have been times when I wanted to update my home décor, or buy something cute for my office, or buy organizational items, and I can’t because I “don’t have the money”,  but I would have the extra money if I didn’t spend all of it on clothes that I don’t need.
  3. Simplifying my life This kind of goes along with the idea of saving time getting dressed in the morning, except simplifying my life also includes de-cluttering.  I have finally admitted to myself that I am a clothes hoarder!  I have such a difficult time getting rid of clothes, even if they don’t fit or if they are no longer in trend, (after all, trends always come back!).  I always feel like my closet is a mess, my drawers are a mess, and my room is a mess because there are just clothes everywhere!
  4. Finding my style – This is the BEST thing I like about the idea of cutting down my wardrobe.  Because I find myself shopping for clothes for the sake of shopping for clothes, I often end up buying things that I really don’t like or that don’t fit well.  They looked cute in the store, but I get home and wonder why on earth did I buy it.  Since I do this, the style in my wardrobe is all over the place!  I don’t really have a signature style.  Not that having a signature style is all that important in the grand scheme of things, but I do like to express my personality through my fashion choices.  When I’m buying items that just “aren’t me”, I’m not allowing my personality to truly shine through.  Plus, I end up feeling awkward and uncomfortable when I do wear those clothes, so they end up taking up space in my closet.
  5. To wear the clothes that I really love to wear – I would absolutely love it if I walked into my closet, and every piece of clothing hanging in there, would be something I really love to wear!  There would be no blankly staring at a closet stuffed with clothes; there would only be the few items that I would wear right. this. second.  This is a concept that is paramount to having a capsule wardrobe.  Why do I end up wearing things I don’t like, that don’t fit my personal style or my lifestyle?  Why do I end up wearing clothes that don’t fit my body well and don’t flatter my figure?  Why do I wear things out of guilt that I spent good money on them?  I want to own, and wear, clothes that make me happy, confident and that help me to enjoy my life.

So there you have it.  I think that I’m going to go on a little fashion journey and hopefully I will see it through!

Have you ever heard of or considered a capsule wardrobe?  If you have, please share your experience, I would love to know!


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