5 Fab Buys in Campaign 14

5 Fab Buys in Campaign 14

Avon has some fabulous products in store for you in the Campaign 14, 2016 brochure.



  1.  Who wants to live the fabulous life? (Everyone, of course!) Avon Luck La Vie is a new floral/fruity fragrance that helps you feel fabulous!  This is a new edition to the Avon Luck fragrance line and debuts in Campaign 14 for $20.earrings
  2. Statement earrings are all the rage for summer!  At $4.99 with any $10 Brochure purchase, the Summer Getaway Chandelier Earrings are a steal!  They’re a lot of look for under $5 (a $14.99 value).


  3. There’s nothing like a dress for looking put-together instantly!  Avon Signature Collection will help you do just that, without breaking the bank.  Our dress event, in Campaign 14, feature options that flatter every figure!  Each of these four designs come in the full size range—up to 3X.lip
  4. This is a product I’m truly excited about!  True Color Lip Balm goes beyond basic lip balm!  Formulated with Vitamin E, it provides instant moisture and a hint of tint for buildable color.  Get the look of tinted lips, that are full of moisture, for summer.   Intro Special $2.99.senses
  5. You will love treating your body to Avon Senses Starfruit & Coconut, a collection balanced with Vitamins C and E.  Take advantage of the 4 for $9.99 Brochure offer ($30 value at regular prices).

Find all of these Fab buys on my e-boutique.


Here are the Avon brochures that you can shop now:


Here is a video to see these 5 Fab Buys up close; this vid gives you an Avon Representatives insight into Campaign 14 and 15:

Here’s an Avon Representatives’ sneak peek at what’s to come with Avon:


Comment below for a current brochure, or tell me what Avon product you would like to sample!

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*This post includes links, that when clicked, lead to other blog posts or websites. Product links are items that I have used, or would like to try, and would recommend. I do receive a slight commission through some, not all, product links


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