Avon Fashion Mini-Spree

Avon Fashion Mini-Spree

Have you tried Avon Fashion before?

As an Avon Rep, I try to invest in my business as much as possible by being my best customer.  I try, as much as I can, to use all Avon products, that way I can be a walking advertisement for my business.  My clothing and accessories are no different.  I try to purchase Avon Fashion as often as I can; I say as often as I can because I’m also trying to make some money with this business, so I must budget for the items I purchase.

Believe it or not, Avon is very on-trend, and sometimes trend-setters when it comes to fashion!

I’ve written posts before, stating that many times when I’m at clothing stores or the mall, I see many trends that I had just seen in the latest Avon brochure!  And, most of the time their clothing, shoes and accessories are reasonably priced.  Plus, as a rep, I get to purchase Avon Fashion before it hits the brochure, in our demo books for almost half the price!   And like I said before, I get to be a walking advertisement for my product!

I recently purchased some pretty cute tops from Avon that I wanted to share with yall!

Many times Avon will sell tops in bundles, like the Tissue Tee 4-pack I ordered. image

This set came with  yellow, gray, white and navy blue tees and cost only $24.99!  These tops are from the Avon Signature Collection.  I love these tees because they are super comfy, but super cute.  I love the cut of these tops, they are relaxed fit so they hide my flawed areas, and I can layer them or wear them alone; I can dress them up or down and the colors are perfect for summer outfits.

{Just as a disclaimer, I am HORRIBLE at taking pictures of my outfits, so until I can perfect that talent, I am going to only include pics of the clothes and the pics that are in the brochures.  I will spare your eyes from having to see my awful outfit selfies!!}

These next two tops are tops that are from the mark. brand, which is  an Avon sub-brand I guess you can say.  I LOVE mark. clothing and accessories!!  They are a bit more pricey than Avon Fashion, so if I can’t afford to buy them in my demo brochures, I wait for them to go on clearance; which is the case with these.  The first top is called Teal Appeal Top, it came out in winter, so it’s a little too thick for summer wear, but I can definitely still sport it for spring!  I love the length of this top, it hits right at my hips.  The color is gorge and I love the mock turtleneck look. image

The next is a super cute tee, called the Any Day Tee that I can wear with anything!  It too, falls right at my hip, the cut of this shirt is great!  I love the that the sleeves have the built in cuff and that they flatter my arms.image


That was my mini-shopping spree with Avon Fashion.  Altogether I got 6 tops to add to my wardrobe.

Which was your favorite?

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