Wisdom Trumps All

Wisdom Trumps All

I’m a little behind on doing my weekly wrap-ups of my study through the Book of Ecclesiastes!

Time has a way of getting away from me, especially as I keep up with all of my kids’ activities, i.e. going to Disneyland for a band concert with my son 😍!  But alas, without further adieu here is my wrap-up from week 5:


Solomon had a lot to say about wisdom in these chapters.

I learned that having a good name or a good reputation, is more important than all the world’s wealth!  A good reputation happens when you are a wise person, a person of integrity, and a person who makes good choices in life; but also, a person who is genuine and real.  If you think about it, having a good reputation requires having godly characteristics.


Having material possessions or being well off, are not necessarily a bad thing though.


Both wisdom and money can be a defense for us, both can be beneficial; to have wisdom AND wealth is best, according to Solomon, because a person can do almost anything with both! However, striving to become wise, with godly wisdom, trumps striving for material things.  I have learned that I should chase after wisdom as for hidden treasure, and not chase after material things or build my life around it.  And whatever wealth the Lord blesses me with, is an added blessing. Of course, I must use my money wisely, give God the first-fruits of EVERYTHING He gives me, and honor Him with my money, be a good steward. But if He blesses me with His wisdom only, would be better than if He made me a multi-millionaire with no wisdom!


I also learned that life is truly an adventure!!!

Having a relationship with the Lord should never be boring, when I’m truly living for Him, life is an adventure.  Following Him even when things are going bad I must embrace it, and not see it as a punishment, for God sends both good and bad in our lives! Is there anything that happens in my life that He is not in charge of, that He did not allow?? No! God is sovereign over all the earth. He is sovereign over my life. Nothing that happens is a surprise to Him, nothing that I do, shocks Him! He brings the good, along with the bad and He does it for His purpose. This is just another way of showing how good He truly is!


I must be true, genuine and authentic and not pretend that I’m something that I’m not!

God revealed to me this week, that there were times in my past, after I came to know Christ, when I became a tad self-righteous (I loathe to admit it), but it’s the truth. Whenever I think about certain conversations I’ve had with people about the Lord back then, it makes me cringe! To look back and remember the things I would say! I just pray to God that His righteousness would be manifest in their lives and they wouldn’t be left with a bad taste in their mouths because of me! When I finally stopped PRETENDING to be so righteous, and putting up a front for everyone to see, and I when the Lord humbled me enough to see myself for what I truly was, I realized that I’m no different from anyone else on the face of this earth. I’m no better, I’m no better off, I’m just as rotten as the next person, EXCEPT that Jesus has saved me!  I am now covered and cleansed by His blood that was shed on the cross.  I see things differently now, how can I possibly judge the sinner, when I know that without Jesus, I’m just like them?  Whenever I find myself judging someone, God always gently reminds me of where I came from and what He did for me.  Oh, it has definitely changed my sorry attitude, that’s for sure! It has also changed the way I relate to people and has changed my heart for them and for the way I pray for them. And when I finally stopped comparing myself to others and stopped putting certain people on a pedastel, I also see now that even that self-righteous person has flaws and is hurting!


Lastly, God showed me that He created man for relationship, for intimacy (with Him first and foremost).

But the first humans rejected that relationship!  Why is mankind, from the very beginning, intent on our own way??  Why are our hearts so wicked?  I guess this is the problem with free will.  God could’ve made us like robots, or puppets, and programmed us or pulled our strings, so that we would love Him, but He wants it to be our choice.  He wants us to WANT to have a relationship with Him. And He did create us with that missing piece in our hearts, that will only be complete with Him.  But what do we do instead? We try to fill it up with things or people, and try and force them to fit.  It always baffles me as to why!  We have a perfect, loving Father whom created us with the sole purpose of loving Him back!!  That’s it, that’s all He wants from me…and He does EVERYTHING ELSE! I have personally asked myself this question over and over, as I have struggled with idolatry throughout my life.  It makes no sense to me, and yet, I find myself again and again, placing people on the throne of my heart where only HE belongs…Lord forgive me!

I have learned so very much from this study through the Book of Ecclesiastes!

I have probably said that before, but it bears repeating, and I will probably say it a few more times!  It really has made me really think about the meaning of life and what my purpose on this earth is.

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