Home Office Makeover

Home Office Makeover


I’ve been wanting to remodel my office for years now,

but have been hesitant because we’ve been going back and forth about moving for awhile.  I didn’t want to go through all of the trouble of putting in a new desk, wall décor, shelving units and storage bins, just to go and have to pack it all up and move it!  We’ve been so indecisive about it, so finally I decided to just do it!  I can’t live worrying about what’s going to happen in the future, I have to live for the now.  And right now, I HATE my home office!!

I know, hate is a strong word, lets just put it this way, I call my office “the dungeon”.  

First off, my office space is located in our sitting room that is attached to the master bedroom, so it’s kind of detached from the rest of my house.  Whenever I’m up there, I feel like I’m separated from everyone in the house, which can feel sort of lonely.  Second, my computer is pretty ancient, so it runs super slow!!  A task that should only take a few minutes, ends up taking hours.  Plus, because it’s so old, it’s really loud!  So when I’m in there, I can’t hear anyone, even in the other room.  Third, my home office is more like a storage/junk room, it holds all of my Avon materials, bags of clothes to sell and donate, paper, paper and more paper…you get the picture.  So when I’m working in my office, I’m detached from everyone else in the house, it’s loud, I’m working in the middle of a junk room, and I end up spending hours in there, for things that should only take an hour, tops!  You can see why I call it the “dungeon”!


I want to have a space where I actually want to go,

a place that makes me excited to work, a sanctuary for me to do my Bible study, prayer times, work on my Avon business and, of course, work on my blog!  If it felt that way to me, I wouldn’t mind being in there all day long!  So, of course, I turned to Pinterest to get some good ‘ol fashion inspiration.  The pics I found to inspire me, are all exactly what I feel that my little home office should look like; a place that I can call my “sanctuary”!





Taking the first steps:

  1. I convinced my hubby to move an old desk that we had sitting in the living room downstairs, up into my office.  It wasn’t being used in it’s current room, and I’d been wanting him to move it into my office for awhile now and he finally did!!  It already made my office feel 50% better!!
  2. I used an old entertainment center turned bookshelf, that we had used for my girls when they were little.  When they grew out of it, I moved it into my “office”.  I told you, all of our junk ended up in there!  I’m all about repurposing stuff…you know, the whole, “waste not want not” motto.  We had painted it “Barbie pink”  for my girls, which I love pink, I’m just not sure if I’ll keep it this color, or cover it up with something else.  I like having all of my Avon products on there, that way I can see what I have.  I used to have it in a drawer, then I would forget all about it.  Can’t make any money that way!!
  3. I “inherited” a cabinet/drawer set from a neighbor that was moving.  I think it’s so cute and it does help keep things organized!  I’m going to spray paint it white, I think, to match my desk and to fit into my décor.
  4. I used contact paper to reface my filing cabinet to make it match my décor.
  5. I bought cute photo storage boxes to separate pictures and crafts that my kids have created over the years.  They will serve as part of my décor, as well.
  6. I also plan on getting decorative filing boxes for all of my kids awards, report cards, old essays, etc.  That way I can keep them all nicely organized and when they move out, they can take it with them if they choose.  But it will keep those papers from piling up on my desk!!
  7. I took two body pillows and hand-sewed them together, to create a cute, comfy chair or bean bag, where I can sit and do my quiet time with the Lord.
  8. I plan on getting a cute rug in here as well.  I found a white faux-fur throw rug at Walmart that I plan on purchasing.
  9. As for wall decor, I went with some Pinterest inspired ideas, such as modge-podging some shoe box lids with scrap book paper, and hanging them on my wall.  I also covered some old clipboards with pretty paper, and printed some motivational sayings and a calendar, to clip on them.  I painted some old picture frames and put pretty scrap book paper in them.  Then, I found these cute string, photo hangers, with little clothes pins, at Target, where I can hang photos, along with a pretty string wall decoration that had pink, wooden letters strewn on it.  I also found some cute wooden crates at Ross, that were already painted, and hung them on the walls as shelving units.
  10. The rest of my office decor, is just some odds and ends that I had laying around the house.

That’s all I have so far.  I’m very happy with how it has turned out so far!  I can’t wait to buy those last, little details!  I know I will never be quite finished with my office space, but it looks 1,000 times better than it did before!  I love working in my new space!  It’s so pretty and I get so excited to go in there now!

I decided to post a short video touring my new home office.  I’m really new at making videos, so please excuse the fact that it’s so ammature!


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