It Works Hair, Skin and Nails 90 Day Challenge: Month 2

It Works Hair, Skin and Nails 90 Day Challenge: Month 2


I have to start off by saying that I didn’t start using the Hair, Skin, Nails (HSN) consistently since my first post.

I was dealing with health issues from November to mid-February!  But I’m better now, thank God!!  So, from mid-February until now (April), I’ve been taking the HSN supplements every day.  Here is what I noticed:

  • First off, I decided to only take 1 pill, instead of the suggested 2 pills, because it helped with the nausea I was experiencing.  I talked to an ItWorks consultant and she said that it was fine to take just 1 pill a day and that I would still see results.
  • In my last post, I had said that my hair appeared thicker and shinier, my skin looked more glowy, my eyelashes were growing, but I hadn’t seen a real difference in my nails.

Well, after being on HSN for a couple of months, I’ve been very happy with the results!  My hair seems to be growing and feels thicker.  I haven’t really noticed the sheen in my hair or the glowy skin as much as I did in my first month, but I really do think that has to do with me only taking 1 pill a day.  But I’m just glad that I’m getting the thickness of my hair back, (I had started to notice a difference in my hair once I turned 40 :/).

My eyelashes have grown so much!!!  They had begun to get thinner, too, once I hit 40!  But I see they are much longer!  I don’t think they’ll ever be as thick and dark as they used to be, but I can take care of that problem by wearing mascara!!  In fact, the other day someone asked me if I was wearing false lashes!!!  I was like, “whaaaaa”, it must be the HSN!

And finally, I am seeing a difference in my nails!  I’ve always had these thin, flimsy nails that grew flat.  They wouldn’t really grow, because they would split and crack before they had a chance!  But I notice now that they are actually growing, they are much thicker, and the are actually curved!!!

I am extremely happy with the results I’m getting from ItWorks HSN.  I will definitely continue taking the supplement!

Here is the link to the ItWorks site, in case you want to try it our for yourself!

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