Product Review: Perfectly Posh

Product Review: Perfectly Posh


A friend of mine recently signed up as an independent representative for a company called Perfectly Posh.

I was pretty excited to find out more about these products, because I was told they are beauty products that contained all natural ingredients, some of them are even vegan.  I also learned that the products aren’t tested on animals, and they are all manufactured here in the U.S.  The packaging of these beauty products was also very eye-catching.  I asked my friend to mail me a catalog, so that I could see what Perfectly Posh had to offer.

I love getting packages in the mail!

So, when it finally arrived, it was like my birthday or something!  I ripped open the envelope and out came the catalog with a bunch of samples.  I knew I had to try them all and do a product review on them.  I tried all 5 samples that my friend sent, and here is the breakdown on each one.

  1. BFF Exfoliating Face Wash – $21        4 fl. oz.

 The first time I tried it, I used way too much product!  The exfoliating sugar was super fine and there was A LOT of it in the amount I used.  I literally felt like I was rubbing sand all over my face!!  It was a little irritating on my skin because there was just so much of it.  But, I take that as a good thing, because that means that a little bit of this product goes A LONG WAY, so even though the tube only holds 4 fl. oz. it would last a fairly long time. That being said, the second time I tried it, it was amazing!  I literally only used a pea-sized amount, and that was plenty!  It smelled minty and fresh, it was exhilarating!  After I rinsed it off, my face was full of color!  I couldn’t believe I had never noticed how sallow my coloring had become!  This wash put life back into my skin!  I would definitely give this an excellent rating!

2. Night & Day Facial Moisturizer – $21      4 fl. oz.

This moisturizer was a perfect consistency, not too liquidy and not too thick.  I loved the  fragrance, the lavender seemed to calm my skin and revitalized it.  The only thing that I didn’t like about this moisturizer, is that it didn’t have any SPF and SPF is extremely important to me during the day.  I would definitely use it at night, but not as day lotion.

3.  Apricots Overnight Moisturizing Face Mask – $22      3 fl. oz.

 Oh my goodness, this face mask was indulgent!!  First of all, the fragrance and the consistency, reminded me of apricot yogurt…yummmm!  It was absolutely delicious on my face!  It was thick and emollient.  And a little of this product goes a long way, too. It felt so good going on, and in the morning, my face was soft and smooth!  Ah, it was heavenly!  I definitely give this product an excellent rating!

4.  Ley Lime Pie Chunk Big Bath Bar – $9     7 oz.

 This bath bar smelled exactly like key lime pie!  It was wonderful!  I don’t usually use soap bars, I’m a bath wash kind of girl, but I wanted to give this soap bar a fair try.  I enjoyed the sweet and tangy scent, and the “graham cracker crust” little exfoliators in the bar, was a nice touch.  It really did make me enjoy my showers!  The only thing I did not like about it, was that it left my skin with that “squeaky clean” feeling, the way that a soap bar does.  It wasn’t drying to my skin at all, I guess I’m just not used to that feeling…

5.  Hot Mess Hand Crème – $9     3 fl. oz.


I have to start this review by saying that my hands have always been extremely dry, ever since I was a little girl!  I usually have to have hand cream on me at all times and I have to apply it throughout the entire day, because my skin just soaks it all up!  This hand cream was a dream on my hands…it was amaaaaaaazing!  The first thing I noticed about this cream was that it was so emollient that my skin didn’t soak it all up.  It left my hands so soft and supple, they didn’t even look like my hands!  Oh, and the fragrance!!!  It smelled, to me, like watermelon, but the description said the scent is musky pink pepperpod.  I could literally smell the scent all day long…it was lovely!  This is for sure on my “want list”!


I have to say that I am now, officially a fan of Perfectly Posh!

Thier catalog is beautiful and full of all sorts of pampering products that I want, like the Impish Eyes De-Puffing Eye Serum, the Lash Pop! Lash Growing Serum, the Lip Scrubs, the shampoos and conditioners, just to name a few!!!  They even have a men’s line that I want my hubby to try!

If you want to check out the products for yourself, you can go to

Have you ever heard of Perfectly Posh or used any of their pampering products?  If not, which ones would you try?  Comment below and don’t forget to follow!

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