Growing Pains

Growing Pains

growing pains2


The other day I came across this post on Facebook:

As I read through it, I had that lump in my throat, as I held back the tears.  I completely resonated with this post, being a mother of 3; 2 teenage girls and a tween boy!  In fact, this post was a subject that I have really been pondering these passed few weeks.

Where did the time go?

When I was young mom, with each birth of my children, I remember telling myself to cherish every moment!  I wanted to enjoy each day of their lives and every phase of their lives.  If I could have, I would have filmed every second of their lives, (there was no such thing as Vlogging, back in that day, or I probably would have!).  I just didn’t want to miss anything or forget anything they did!  And every time I would feel exhausted from staying up all night with a inconsolable infant, or a sick toddler, or when I had to clean up dirty diapers and vomit, and all the other gross stuff, I would remind myself of this.  “This is the only time they will ever be THIS age”.


growing pains


And then they grew…

they became more and more independent and needed me less and less.  And slowly, over time, I have forgotten all of those tiny details of my children’s lives.  Busyness and, just life in general, causes me to be distracted and causes me to forget, (ok getting older does play a part as well), but all of a sudden, they’re 18, 15 and 11!!!

So when my children ask me to do something for them, or with them, I jump at the chance!

Like the other day, when my 18 year old wanted me to go with her to her hair appointment, so I could keep her company, even though I had a long to-do list that day, I dropped everything and went with her.  She’s 18, she has a life, she could’ve asked any one of her friends and had girl time…but she asked me!  When my kids wanted my husband and I to take them to Dave and Busters, which is in another city 200 miles away, I knew we had to go!  These are more memories we have the opportunity to make with them, and it was all 3 of them that went, which rarely happens anymore!  So when my son asks me to rub his feet, I do, because there will be a day when he won’t even want to acknowledge me in public!  And when my 15 year old asks me to tuck her into bed, I do it gladly, because how much longer will she ask to be tucked into bed?!?

I know it sounds so cliché, but time really does fly!

My advice to all of those young mommies out there, is to cherish every minute with your babies!  Play with them every chance you get.  When you feel frustration setting in, remember they will never be that age again!  Write down as many things that your children do, as you can.  And love on them often, because before you know it, they are graduating from high school and beginning their own journey in life!!

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