Fit After 40

Fit After 40

Staying active and eating healthy is important at any age, but for some reason, once a woman hits 40, it’s a must!  

Using my muscles and keeping active, reduce the chance of getting pulled muscles and creaky, achy bones that just seemed to happen overnight, once I hit 40!  Plus, keeping active also helps maintain a healthy body weight.  It’s very important to keep fit after 40.

It’s like the minute I turned 40, a switch in my body turned off and I’ve been watching the scale go up and up and up!

I haven’t changed my diet, and I’m as active as I normally am, but my body seems insistent on storing fat!  Part of the problem is, that I haven’t changed my diet.  I’m used to pretty much eating whatever I want and being able to work out, and still maintain my weight.  However now that I’m in my 40’s, it hasn’t been that easy.  I know I need to start incorporating more veggies and healthful foods in my diet, not only for my weight, but also for my health; especially since women in their 40’s are prone to the beginnings of all sorts of health risks.  My other problem is that I HATE exercising!!  Anything I do, has to be fun and not feel like I’m working out!  I love doing Zumba and hip hop dance workouts, anything that serves the purpose of working out my muscles and burning off fat, but that doesn’t feel like I’m exercising.  It’s difficult for me to do these types of workouts, however, because it requires going to and paying for a class, and finding time to get away from my wifely and motherly duties isn’t easy.  So, the workouts I do are mostly at home, which isn’t as fun, and so much easier to just blow off!  In my search for a fun and effective workout program, my daughter introduced me to Blogilates.

Cassey Ho

Blogilates is a series of YouTube workout videos, created by this cute and spunky woman named Cassey Ho.  

These are fun, quick and highly effective videos.  She has, what seems like, hundreds of workout videos on her YouTube channel that target different areas of your body. And, trust me, even though they are quick videos, (some only 3 minutes long), they really do give me a workout! What I really like about these videos, is the instructor, Cassey Ho. Like I said, she is cute and spunky and she inspires me to actually want to work out! She talks through the entire workout, so I don’t even realize how much I’m actually doing in that short amount of time. But my muscles feel it! There are tons of workout videos to choose from, and Cassey adds new videos often, so I don’t get bored of doing the same workout over and over again.  She’s not just about exercising either, she’s also all about positivity and women empowerment, and I’m all about that life! She has meal plans you can follow, and offers up recipes for clean eating, that look absolutely scrumptious! I have yet to try one of her recipes, but plan on it very soon!  She also has a website, where you can register to receive a month’s worth of fitness challenges that you can do alongside her, and her followers.  And she posts short workout clips, on her Instagram.  This is what I’ve been doing lately, for my exercising time.  If I keep it up, along with eating healthier, I’m sure to see some results!

Check out her YouTube channel and let me know what you think!  Comment your thoughts below!

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