Tweezerman Eye Lash Curler Review

Tweezerman Super Curl Eyelash Curler Review

  • Product: Tweezerman Super Curl Eyelash Tweezerman Super Curl Eyelash CurlerCurler
  • Price: $8.99
  • Where: Sally’s Beauty Supply Store or
  • Claim: Eyelashes won’t stick to silicone pad.  Won’t clump or crease lashes Patented, no-pinch design.  Extra large curling surface Extra refill pad included.

“The Revolutionary design of the Tweezerman Super Curl Eyelash Curler prevents pinching the delicate skin around the eye. Lashes won’t stick to the specialized silicone pad. The extra large curling surface ensure all lashes are curled perfectly without awkward creasing or clumping. Easily creates dramatic eyes.”


My Rating: 9/10

Here is what I thought:
If you have read any of my other eyelash posts, you would know the struggle I have had with my eyelashes! I’ve been in search of a really good eyelash curler, that would work on my distraught, thinning lashes.  I looked around at the usual stores, but I have to admit that I’m a Sally Beauty girl!  When I saw this one, it looked interesting to me, but when I read on the back of the box that said “The Tweezerman Super Curl Eyelash Curler can be gently heated with a blow dryer will create an amazing super curl.”, I thought that this could really work for me!  I wasn’t disappointed!  The first time I used it, it worked beautifully, making my lashes look much longer.  I think it’s in big part of the heat from the blow dryer.  I put the blow dryer to the eyelash curler for a few seconds and it totally held the heat.  I usually have to use mascara first, in order for the curl to hold, but not with the Tweezerman, the curl held even after I applied mascara.  It was super easy to clean, as well.

That is my review of Tweezerman Super Curl Eyelash Curler and here are some reviews from real life customers that I found on the website:


Date:July 17, 2014
Pros: sturdy feel
Cons: hard to see if lashes are in place, doesn’t curl well when lashes are in place
” I don’t mind the bulky feel of the curler, but for some reason this just isn’t doing it for me. I can hardly tell if my lashes are on there right, because the curler is black and I have dark lashes. When my lashes are on there, or so it feels like it is, and I curl, I feel it doesn’t do a good enough job. I always end up using my cheap one right after. I’ll usually try and give it another chance every so often but it just doesn’t do it for me.”


Date:August 14, 2011
Pros: curls evenly and every lash, inexpensive since it lasts forever, pad doesn’t lift from applicator
Cons: bulky at first, must repetitively curl lashes to get effect
” As another reviewer said, it is a big bulky curler, and I was struggling with holding it because I was so used to the tiny metal ones. However, the pad will get every lash and last you FOREVER. I’ve had mine for a year with the same pad! I just keep spraying with a little vinegar to clean it and it never lifts from the applicator. Someone said it doesn’t curl very well. Yes, that initially is the case if you have very stubbornly straight lashes like me. However, KEEP curling them and they will curl very nicely and evenly and naturally. And here’s a tip: Use a waterproof mascara to hold the curl. You will be pleased with the results. ”

Pros: doesn’t pull on eyelashes
Cons: doesn’t curl very well
” Doesn’t curl very well. But doesn’t hurt on eyelashes. ”


Date:October 21, 2010
” My mother in law bought this and loved it. Used it a couple of weeks and used it yesterday and it cut her lashes like scissors.  I couldn’t believe it because the rubber part was still on and didn’t feel sharp but it took them right off. “

So, the reviews on were mixed, but I give it a good review.  Comment below with your eyelash curling tips!


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