Mani-Monday Avon Nail Art Dots and Stripes

Mani-Monday Avon Nail Art Dots and Stripes

It’s been awhile since I’ve done a Mani-Monday post,

mainly because it’s been awhile since I’ve actually done my nails!  But Avon just introduced a really cool product in their Avon Nail Art line, that I just had to try!  Avon Nail Art includes nail art stickers, nail art gems, and now press-on nails!wpid-20151007_182059-1.jpgwpid-20151007_174543-1.jpg

I read about the option of press-on nails a few months ago, and let me tell you, they are not the press-on nails of yesteryear.  These type of press-on nails last days or even weeks, (depending on how rough you are with your nails).  They look professional, and they give the look of a fresh manicure, without the cost or the time it takes to get an elaborate mani.

The problem I always have, when I do my own nails or nail art,

is they don’t look nice for very long.  I’m so hard on my hands, I’m constantly washing dishes, cleaning, washing my hands, etc., so my manicures tend to get trashed within hours of having done them!  It’s so frustrating for me because it takes so much time to do them.  These press-ons were so simple to put on and didn’t take very much time at all, and they looked super nice!


  1. Wash with soap and water and dry hands completely.  Wipe nail bed with alcohol pad.
  2. Select a press-on nail for each finger measuring side to side across nail ( if it doesn’t fit perfectly, choose smaller size).
  3. Peel off protective film, and press firmly in the middle and then on both sides of each nail.  Helpful hints: avoid contact with water for at least 1 hour.  Press each nail once more 30 minutes after application to increase adhesion.  Do not use cuticle oil or lotion immediately after application.
  4. To remove: soak hands in warm water for a few minutes and gently peel off.

While wearing them, I got tons of compliments!

Everyone thought they were my real nails and were surprised that they were press-ons.

The nails lasted me 3 days before they started to feel loose, but I was able to keep them on until the fourth day, before they actually started to peel off.  That’s pretty good for me! They made my hands look so pretty and professional, and I felt so fancy wearing them! It’s great that I didn’t have to worry about chipping polish or smashed art on my nails.

The Avon Nail Art Press-On Nails debut in Campaign 22 at the intro price of $6.99,

then $10 regularly.  They come in 4 designs, including the one I’m wearing, Dots and Stripes.

Watch my video below to find out more!

Shop my Avon e-Store: use Avon Coupon Code THANKYOU20 to receive 20% off your first time, online order of $50 or more.

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