My Style Evolution

 My Style Evolution

I have to say that I grew up loving fashion.

Not fashion in the sense that I loved designer clothing, in fact, growing up, I didn’t even know what designer clothing was, nor did I know the names of any fashion designers for that matter.  I never knew anything about seasonal fashion shows, fashion runways, or the Pantone color scheme.  It was more that, I grew up loving clothes and putting clothes together to create, what I thought, was fashion.  In fact, the first stylist/fashion designer that I knew of, was my mother.  When I was very little, she sewed my clothes and always had me dressed in the latest 70’s fashion; halter tops, bell bottoms, and hot pants.  She is probably the reason why I love clothes so much!  I guess I just grew up wearing the latest trends.


In the early 1980’s, at about the age of 8,

I vividly remember my favorite dress being a deep green, satin, wrap-around, ruffled, dress that looked like I could be going to a discoteque! But it was my absolute favorite and I wore it every chance I got! I have tons of pictures of me wearing it!  I went through many of my own fashion evolutions, throughout my lifetime, mostly influenced by pop music. In fourth and fifth grades, I rocked the parachute pants, red jacket with zippers all over, a glittery glove, and penny loafers, channeling Michael Jackson. In fifth grade, I wore lace gloves, florescent colors, big, lace bows in my hair, and lace tights with dresses, a la Madonna. I was very hip!

During 6th grade, I went through a bit of a fashion crises, according to my teachers and my mother.

My cousin had moved in with us from Southern California. I thought she was the coolest thing since ice cream! Now, mind you, this was the late 80’s, when So. Cal was into the New Wave scene. She had the whole Flock of Seagulls hair going on and wore big, oversized, button-up shirts, donned with big belts.  She wore her pants rolled up to the knee, along with “waffle” shoes, (remember those?).  Well, NO BODY in Southern AZ was wearing ANYTHING like this, so I decided to adopt this style and borrow her look.  Literally.  I borrowed all of her clothes, again, much to the dismay of my mother. My teachers even called my mother in for a conference, to discuss my change of attire.  They actually asked her if there was anything wrong at home!  According to my teachers, I was always dressed “to a t” and since they had never seen anything like this before, they assumed it was a cry for help!

Throughout middle school and high school, and even through college, I went through many different fads,

not really knowing what my style was.  I was never afraid to try new things, in fashion, and experiment. In high school it was all Guess, silk button up shirts, chiffon blouses and Z. Cavarcci pants.  I even went through the flannel wearing grunge phase, in college!

Nowadays, I know a little bit more about fashion designers.

I’m not financially able to wear any designer duds, but I can now follow New York Fashion Week, thanks to the Internet, and still try to copy the trends in my own way, within my budget.  I have noticed this about myself, though – now that I’m in my 40’s, it’s much more difficult to follow the trends!  Many trends are catered more to young girls.  I would feel silly wearing booty shorts or micro-mini skirts, but I’m not about to wear “mom jeans”, (even though they’re actually in style for the young girls in the present, but on me, they really do look like “MOM jeans”).  I’m not giving in to wearing any unflattering clothing!  Though, I’m not completely opposed to wearing a modestly-styled crop top or a sophisticated cut-out dress, which in my opinion, should be grown women clothes anyway.  I still like to look cute and stylish in my 40’s and have decided that fashion isn’t about age, it’s all about having fun with clothes, accessories and style, and wearing what makes me happy.


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