I Got A Ty-Over

I Got Ty-Over

On Facebook, a few weeks ago, I saw a post that Tyra Banks had started her own makeup company called, Tyra Beauty.

I’m not an expert on her new company, but from what I gather, Tyra created a cosmetics company for women to sell via direct sales, kind of like Mary Kay or Avon.  One can pay a start-up fee to gain the ability to sell Tyra’s makeup online, as an independent representative; meaning that one isn’t directly affiliated with Tyra Beauty or directly employed by her company.  Independent representatives for Tyra Beauty, are known as BeautyTainers, (isn’t that fun?).  If anyone has seen “America’s Next Top Model” or followed Tyra Banks on social media, you can tell that she is not only a keen, independent business women, but that she also likes to be glamorous and have a lot of fun!  So, being a BeuatyTainer is all about that, being an independent business women who has fun with makeup!

Now, I’ve been an Avon representative for about 15 years now, and I love it,

but this business opportunity piqued my interest.  I was curious enough to respond to the post, and make an appointment with a BeautyTainer.  (At that point in Tyra Beauty, there were only a few BeautyTainers in the U.S., apparently this was a bit of a trial period to test the market.  It has since gone “live”, and anyone can join).  I met this lovely lady in the food court of our local mall and we had fun with Tyra makeup!  I was advised to wear only foundation to the meeting, so that is how I started out.

It’s a great concept, really!  It’s a makeup line for the woman on the go – it’s makeup in a stick!

The idea is that anyone can look as fierce as a supermodel, without having to be a makeup artist or have knowledge or experience with makeup brushes.  Tyra has created what she dubs “Ty-Glide Technology”, which gives the makeup  a smooth, creamy texture and causes it to glide right onto your skin.  All I needed was the stick and my fingers to apply my look!  There are 2 different types of “Ty-Overs”, the 2 Minute Ty-Over, which is just highlighting and contouring, and the 6 Minute Ty-Over which is pretty much the entire face.  I tried both.

It was a really fun experience.  

The BeautyTainer that I met with, had me do my own makeup so , of course, me being me, I made a little bit of a mess with the makeup!  I put on way too much contour, which I had to try to fix and my eyeliner was smeared all over my lids!  And when I applied the makeup setting spray, I didn’t hold it far enough away from my face, so my face was drenched!  It was pretty hilarious!  My makeup didn’t turn out exactly the way I would have liked it, but I think with more practice in using the makeup sticks, I would get much better!

I loved all of the makeup and it really was easy to use.  I still haven’t decided to actually become a BeautyTainer myself, but the business opportunity seems like so much fun and I believe in everything Tyra stands for by empowering women.  And, she  doesn’t use any animal testing with her products nor do they contain any questionable ingredients.  (She  has a list of ingredients that are absolutely NOT used in Tyra makeup which she calls her “Oh Hell No” list, which gave me a chuckle)!  It does sound exciting and appealing to me, so who knows, I may just decide to do it!

What at do you think?  Would you try Tyra makeup? Are you a Tyra Banks fan?  Comment below!

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