As the first year in my 40’s nears its end,

looking back, this has definitely been an emotional year for me.  I had my oldest daughter turned into a legal “adult”, as we celebrated her 18th birthday; she graduated high school, got her driver’s license, started college and we bought her a car, all within a matter of weeks!  I also had my middle child graduate middle school and start high school and my youngest graduate elementary school and start middle school! The month of May alone, was extremely emotional for me, to say the least.


I’ve heard it said that being a parent is like having your heart ripped out of your chest and watching it walk around on legs. I feel like that statement has never been more true than now!


However, with all the changes that transpired over the course of this year, there has also been much growth. I’ve seen both of my daughters flourish into beautiful young women and my baby boy establish more independence. That is when I know that all of the blood, sweat and tears of being a parent, are well worth it!

I’ve also learned much over the course of the year. I’ve learned to trust God more with my kids than I ever have before. Trust me, when you have a teenage child that drives, there’s nothing else to do but to trust Him! And I’ve learned to let go of the “reigns” over my children a little more. I’ve also come to terms with being an “middle-aged” women, and I’ve learned more about being comfortable in my own skin. I think I’ve also learned to be more confident in who I am and to NOT apologize for it!

So as my 41st birthday comes upon me, I look forward to what this next year will bring!

I’m looking forward to seeing how my kids continue to grow.  I’m looking forward to how I continue to grow, as a mother and as a person!  Here’s  to 41!

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