This or That: Fall Fashion Edition

This or That: Fall Fashion Edition

As an Avon Rep for many years, one thing I’ve always noticed about Avon Fashion

is just how on-trend, and sometimes ahead of the trend, Avon is.  Every season, as I’m out and about, I notice so many looks that I saw first in the Avon brochure, and I take note.


The other day is received the JC Penney ad in the mail

and as I was looking through it, I recognized so many styles that were very similar to what Avon had in their current brochures!  I got the idea to do a “This or That” post, comparing the two retailers.  Mainly because I feel like, for some reason, Avon doesn’t necessarily have a fashion-forward reputation.  I’ve had women ask me, where did you get that necklace, dress, shoes, etc. and the shock on their faces never surprises me.  I also find that many people shy away from me when they find out I sell Avon.  I guess I just would love to show the world, that Avon does have so much to offer!

image image image image image

When was the last time you looked through the pages of an Avon brochure?  Comment below and let me know what you think.

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*Avon images belong to Avon Products, Inc.

*JC Penney images belong to and are used for entertainment purposes.  I don’t represent JC Penney in any form nor do I earn any commissions from using these images.

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