Nutri-Ox Shampoo and Conditioner for Color Treated Hair Review

Nutri-Ox Shampoo and Conditioner for Color Treated Hair Review



Helps create fuller, thicker, healthier-looking hair
Stimulates hair follicles and promotes circulation
Safeguards against toxin buildup on scalp
Gently cleanses and fortifies scalp
Protects against color fading


Contains glyco-proteins and nutrient-rich botanicals to nourish scalp and hair
Hemectants hydrate to replenish moisture levels on scalp and hair
Relieves scalp tightness

  •  My Rating: 6/10

My last review was on Pantene Age Defy Shampoo and Conditioner,

which I gave a 8/10 rating.  Although I really liked the Pantene Experts Age Defy line of products, I’m always in the hunt for other great products.  My main hair concerns, when I turned 40, were unruly grays, my super thick hair seemed to be getting a liltte thinner in the crown area, and over-all dryness.  I gave Nutri-Ox a try to see how it wold fare, in dealing with my hair concerns.

Here is what I thought:

I liked the cost of the shampoo and condtioner at $9.79 per bottle, of course if I’m a Sally’s Beauty Member, I receive a discount, so it would cost $8.69, which I think is a great deal!  The instructions on this product stated that I would see a difference in my hair in just 4 uses.  I’ve been using the shampoo and conditoner now for about 1 month, the only change I’ve really noticed is the taming of my unruly grays.  I wash my hair every other day with this product and I can say that I love the invigorating mint scent, it made me feel like I was getting a great washing.  Something in the formula, tingled my scalp, which made me believe that it must be stimulating my scalp, therefore promoting new hair growth.  I didn’t really notice a significant difference in my thinning crown area, it didn’t seem any thinner than before, but it didn’t create fuller looking hair in that area, as promised.  I also felt that it cleansed my hair a little too well, as after washing, my hair felt completely stripped of any oils and felt almost “squeaky clean”.  However, a plus for this product, was that it didn’t fade my hair color.

The conditioner didn’t fare that well either. I was told by an employee at Sally Beauty Supply, that many anti-aging shampoos tend to dry out the hair.  Well this one didn’t necessarilty dry out my hair, but it didn’t feel very soft or conditoned after using.  In fact, the conditioner left almost like a film was left on my hair causing it to have a waxy texture to it.  This made it a little difficult to comb through.  I ended up spraying leave-in conditoner to soften it up.

My experience with the Nutri-Ox Shampoo and Conditoner for Color Treated hair was not the best.

I wouldn’t purchase it again.  However, I did read other reviews where people really loved it.  I wouldn’t NOT reccommend it.  I would say to try it out, if you’re experiencing similar hair concerns to mine.  I asked the cashier if I could return/exchange the product if I didn’t like it, and she said I could, just as long as it was more that 1/2 way used, so that’s a plus!

That is my review of Nutri-Ox Shampoo and Conditoner for Color Treated Hair and here are some reviews from real-life customers that I found on the website:

    Pros: used to work very well (good reputation)
    Cons: diluted formula or missing ingredients, does not control seborrheic dermatitis, does not prevent thinning hair, thinner formula
    ” I started using this product as a generic (i.e., cheaper) alternative to Nioxin, a salon shampoo and conditioner. I have loved it for years because its active ingredients kept my seborrheic dermatitis at bay. An added benefit is that it made my hair look and feel great. Like Nioxin, Nutri-Ox conditioner has a minty smell and feels cool like a peppermint on my scalp. (I’m not sure which ingredient has this effect.#
    Others have used it for thinning hair, but I did not have that problem. My hairdresser always remarked that I had thick, strong hair, especially for someone my age #40-something#.
    Well, in the spring of 2014, Naturelle changed the packaging of the shampoo to a taller, thinner bottle and the conditioner to a shorter, fatter bottle . But – worse than that – they have changed the formula of the shampoo and conditioner as well! It does not smell or feel the same on my scalp. I noticed this right away, but hoped that it would still work to control my seborrheic dermatitis.
    Over the time that I was using Nutri-Ox products, I started taking medication that has “hair loss” as a side effect. I never had that side effect, probably because I was using Nutri-Ox the whole time. Well, at my next hair salon appointment, two months after the formula change, my hairdresser told me that she noticed that my scalp had never been in such bad condition – redness and irritated areas – and my hair was significantly thinner. #She had no idea that I had effectively changed shampoo and conditioner due to the formula change.# It turns out that 50% of my hair had fallen out! I had also noticed that my scalp was totally pink-red every day and my scalp just hurt – if I touched my hair the movement of the hair shaft and follicle made that part of my scalp hurt like it was being scraped by a wire brush.
    Fortunately, I had some of the old formula at my friend’s house and I have been using that 90% of the time for the past 3 weeks. The redness and tenderness went away, and my physician said that she sees new hair growth. #I can see it, too, in patches that were totally bare and along my hairline. It is quite noticeable on the previously-bare patches that now look like newsprint – part brown/black and part white.# For now, I am going back to the salon formula, Nioxin System 3 Shampoo and Conditioner.
    I have not used any other Nutri-Ox products.
    Naturelle – you are not fooling anyone. If you change the product, your customers WILL notice, and we will stop buying your product. “
  • LOVE THIS PRODUCT Date:June 21, 2014
    Pros: shiny, youthful hair, feels and looks soft
    ” Love this shampoo. I have read the other reviews on how some people have noticed their hair drying out….. In addition to the shampoo I also purchased the conditioner(maybe that’s why my hair isn’t drying out like some reviewers have stated). I love the results. My hair has always been dry, but do not feel this shampoo dries it out. After using the shampoo, conditioner and serum My hair feels so soft and looks shiny (i’m old to have shiny hair too) Stopped using hairspray also because my hair just feels soooo good. I love touching my hair because it’s so soft and clean feeling.
    As far as new hair growth??? I have no idea if that part of the product works, but I will continue to use this product because it makes my hair feel so youthful. “
  • DRIED MY HAIR OUTDate:March 10, 2014
    ” I had to return this product. It made my hair really dry and frizzy, “
  • GREAT PRODUCT!Date:January 30, 2013
    Pros: deep cleans, smells nice
    Cons: stings eyes, needs conditioner
    ” I started out with Nioxin, then my hair dresser told me about the Redken Intraforce and I tried it after I ran out of Nioxin. Didnt like the price tag nor what it did for my hair. I got a refund for it and went to Sally’s to see what they had. I was pleasantly surprised to see a large supply of Nutri-Ox products and the prices made me giddy! At less than HALF the price of Redken or Nioxin I was able to purchase the full-size bottles of shampoo, conditioner and the treatment spray! That was in November 2012 and today my hair is fuller and lusher than it was last fall. The shampoo cleans really well, so the conditioner is a Must have. Be careful to not get it into your eyes because it stings. But the minty scent is pleasant and I sometimes need extra conditioning on my hair ends so I use Keraphix occasionally. Really great product! “
  • I LIKE IT BUT IT DOES DRY YOUR HAIR OUT….Date:August 18, 2012
    Pros: adds thickness, makes scalp feel clean
    Cons: dries out hair if used every day
    ” I like this shampoo a lot because it does seem to make my hair feel and look twice as thick as it did before I started using it! But, I find that when I use it every day it does tend to dry out my hair….so I recommend using it every other day or alternating with a good moisturizing shampoo on the days you don’t use it. Just don’t use it every day and it’s great! I have to wash my hair daily because my scalp gets very oily….so my scalp will be oily and my ends will be very dry, when using this shampoo. That’s the only downside!
    I use it and the conditioner and I have to say when I first started using it my scalp felt cleaner than it’d ever felt before. Also some say it makes your hair fall out more, but I’ve read from reviews that it’s normal for a couple weeks if you have a little more shedding than normal when using these products. “

Let me know if you’ve experienced Nutri-Ox or if you have another anti-aging shampoo and conditoner set to suggest to me.  Share your comments below and remember to follow!

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