Shorter Hair For Women 40 And Over

Shorter Hair For Women 40 And Over

I personally believe that age should not dictate how a women dresses or how she wears her hair.

Image courtesy of adamr at

Image courtesy of adamr at

In my opinion, a woman should have the right to look how she prefers to look; after all, I think age gives her that right!  As “older” women, we have gone through all the experimental phases of how we dress, how we do our hair, our makeup, etc. and we have come to know ourselves, and know what makes us look and feel good. I’m all about feeling comfortable in my own skin, of feeling empowered. Some women 40 and over may choose to have longer locks, and that’s ok, because that is what makes them feel good. While other women choose to go the shorter route, and there’s nothing wrong with that either!

My last hairstyle post, brought up this very topic.

I had a reader that completely agreed that women 40 and over can have longer hair, but for her, personally, shorter hair was what makes her feel fabulous! So, for her, and others that prefer shorter hairstyles, this ones for you!

Here are some gorgeous, shorter hairstyle ideas, just for you!

1. The Pixie Cut:

A fun and flirty style that you can wear spikey or side-swept.  This cut is sophisticated, yet fun.

2. The Bob:

This hairstyle is so versatile. You can flip it out, comb it under, and even wear it curly, straight or wavy.  Anything goes with this cool cut.

3. The Lob:

A little longer than the Bob, but still, not long hair. This cut also looks cute straight or in wavy curles. It also looks great with bangs if you want to switch it up.

4. The Shag:

This is a classic cut, that’s always in style!

What do you think of these shorter hairstyles, which are your faves?  Let me know what you think in the comments!

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